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Last Updated: February 2020


There is so much to see and do in the world that it can be impossible to decide where to start with planning a trip. Maybe you are looking for a challenge and want to scale Kilimanjaro or something far more relaxing, such as the beautiful white sand beaches of Ibiza. We have brought together a host of articles to help you make your travel decisions. You will find articles about the best activities and destinations the world has to offer. Read on and discover your next adventure!


Man standing by waterfall in the jungle


What Will You Discover?

If you are just starting to plan your vacation, then you might not know yet where you want to go. There are many questions to ask yourself before picking your ultimate destination. Would you rather vacation in a tropical climate or experience a winter wonderland? Do you want to experience an urban adventure or an outdoor excursion? Also, what is the purpose of your vacation - to challenge yourself, learn about a new culture, or to refresh your soul? There are no wrong answers here, it is all completely up to you.


man hiking in the mountains

Take on a Challenge

Break out of your comfort zone on your next vacation and do an activity that challenges you. You could learn a new skill, train for an amazing hike, or trek to a remote village in the world, You could go half-way across the world or stay close to home. Either way, you will surely experience the incredible rewards when you step out of your comfort zone. If you are getting bored with everyday life, then a challenging vacation might be right for you. Check out the following articles for inspiration on vacations that will challenge you:

» Outdoor Activity Ideas for Your Staycation



view of the taj mahal, cultural building in india

Experience Different Cultures

The most exciting part about travel is meeting cultures that are different from your own. When you experience a new culture, you broaden your world view and expand your perspective. You will learn something new about yourself and the world in the process. If you are planning to experience a different culture on your next vacation, commit to learning some phrases in the host language, trying different foods, and participating in local traditions. Not only will you have a lot of fun, but you will also make new friends and create unforgettable memories. Check out our articles for the best ways to experience different cultures:

» Benefits of Using a Local Guide for Solo Travelers


woman reading on the beach in a chair

Take a Break

Vacations are also meant to be relaxing and refreshing for your soul. On your next vacation, just take a break and enjoy a slower pace of life. Consider the environment you find most peaceful and the activities that will rejuvenate your soul. It might be sunbathing on the beach or sipping hot cocoa in a cabin in the mountains. Either way, you can savor the little joys in life and return home feeling restored. Check out our articles for peaceful vacations:

» How to Travel Peacefully in Europe

» 5 Reasons Why You Must Go on a Cruise



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