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North America: a journey you'll never forget

With its huge national parks, sun-drenched beaches and iconic skylines, you will not forget a North American adventure in a hurry. North America is a spectacular sight to behold, no matter what time of year you want to visit: it is just as stunning when capped in snow as it is when soaked in sunshine. So, there are innumerable opportunities and innumerable travel plans to make here.

The continent of North America most famously includes the countries of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is also home to several much smaller yet no less beautiful islands, such as Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago and Puerto Rico. Occupying nearly 25 million square kilometres, it is the third-largest continent in the world after Asia and Africa. It also has an enormous population, with over 480 million inhabitants! Its vast size means that the climate can be considerably different from place to place. You might experience rather polar temperatures in northern Canada, or head to the south if you prefer the warmth. Whatever trip you have in mind, there’s something for you here.


Time to start planning

When North America has so much to offer, where do you begin? To help you out, we have gathered together some of the highlights. The USA, Mexico, and Canada are some of the most visited countries in the world for foreign tourists. Amongst these, New York City, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Los Angeles are three of the most visited destinations. These countries put a myriad of plans and possibilities at your disposal. You can wander amongst peaceful natural surroundings, visit bustling cosmopolitan cities, attend unique shows and festivals, or traverse along some of the best car and motorcycle routes in the world.

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Before you go...

Like with any vacation, before visiting North America, there are several things that you should prepare and bear in mind. First, you should get prepared for a long journey, as the average tourists travels 8000 kilometers to reach North America. This translates into around 10 hours of flight time. On the more positive side, there are no required vaccinations to enter most North American countries, although it is always wise to consult with your doctor before your trip. Most of the time a visa is not necessary either, but you should make sure that your passport will not expire soon, otherwise you may be refused entry.

We’re ready to go! Will you join us?



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