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Are you a freelancer looking for a "long term partnership"? Do you have a "huge volume of clients"? Are you "an avid reader of [site]"? Do you pretend to represent companies and use a example123@gmail.com email? 

DO NOT CONTACT US! Starting June 2021, we will immediately be reporting you as spam. Save us both some time and move on. 

If you are a fellow travel fanatic, we invite you to submit a guest post to The Travelling Souk. We are always looking for unique, original, and helpful information to share with our readers. Guest bloggers help us broaden our perspective and strengthen our content. If you have a story to tell, travel tips to share, or advice to give, then you are a perfect fit to write a travel guest post for our blog.

Last updated: June 16th 2021


Submit a Guest Post: How it Works

Submitting a guest post to The Travelling Souk is a simple process. We have a range of topics that we write about, which makes it easy for you to find something that will fit your area of ​​interest. The content should relate to experiences in travel destinations, advice on traveling, ways to save money on vacation, etc. If we feel your article doesn't quite fit, we will suggest changes and work together to make it suitable.

We post new articles every day, so we are always looking for guest bloggers. You can expect a response from us within a few days. Please note that we do not accept content that relates to gambling or illegal substances, and reserve the right to reject blog posts that we do not deem appropriate. If we accept your article, we will aim to publish it within the same week.


Guest Post Guidelines

To increase the chances of your guest blog article being accepted, please follow the guidelines outlined below. We are looking for articles that are well written, without typos or major grammatical errors. 


We would prefer article submissions, not pitches. We're happy to work with newbie bloggers, but we cannot set a blog post topic for you. You're welcome to submit pitches to us if you have some great ideas, but we'd much rather see samples of your writing. 


Accepted Topics:

Our favorite articles are about destinations that you yourself have actually visited. This helps us to share more valuable travel content with our readers. Here is a list of accepted guest post topics:

At the moment, we are prioritising content from Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We're especially keen to work with bloggers and small business owners who reside in these countries. As more and more people are taking staycations, we'd like to feature content about things to do, places to stay, and shops to visit in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, London, and Manchester. We will give priority to bloggers who can write guest posts about these places. 

Recently, we have had multiple travel guest post submissions about travel to India. While many of these posts have been great, we're not looking for any more at this time. Due to COVID-19, most of our readers cannot travel to India, so we'd instead like to focus on the areas highlighted above. 


Author Credit

We will not take credit for a blog post you have written. Your name will be included at the top of the page as well as a short bio about yourself. If you would like, you can also send a photo or yourself to be included next to your name. You may include a link back to your own travel blog and 1-3 social media pages.


Blogging Collaboration

Our desire is to collaborate with as many people as possible. Everyone benefits from blogging collaborations. Blogging collaborations mean that we publish your content and you publish our content in return. 

When we swap blog posts, our readers receive higher quality content and we receive more subscribers. This increases our rankings on Google and makes us more visible to potential readers. When you post a guest blog to The Travelling Souk, all of our readers will see your link and your brand awareness will increase, as well.


Who Can Submit a Guest Post?

Everyone! Whether you are just getting started or you are a veteran travel blogger, we look forward to reading your guest blog post. As long as you are passionate about travel, we will be happy to feature you on The Travelling Souk.

Here are some guest posts that have done really well, to give you an idea:


Ready to get started?

Submit a guest post to our email at info@thetravellingsouk.com.

If you are new to guest posting, then send us a writing sample/link to your own blog, alongside a few topics and, and then we will choose one that works for our site. If you are unsure about a certain topic, you can email us with your ideas and we will point you in the right direction so that it fits within The Travelling Souk brand. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us and ask any questions you may have.