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From vast mountain landscapes, lush beaches or bustling downtown districts, there is truly something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the adventure, sun, rich cultures and incredible food that have been charming travellers for decades. Whatever your style, Asia is the place to be.

Due to its immense size, Asia experiences a wide range of climates and weather patterns. Southern countries are frequently hot and humid, and can be battered by storms and typhoons during the summer months. The highest temperature ever recorded in Asia was an incredible 56.7 degrees Celsius. By contrast, Siberia, located in the north of Asia, is icy cold, with temperatures commonly plunging to -25 degrees Celsius. So, you could say that Asia is a land of extremes: along with these extremes of temperatures comes the best food in the world, the most colourful temperatures, the most stunning landscapes and the friendliest people.


Pamper your senses in the biggest and most varied continent in the world

Asia is the biggest the continent in the world and covers a whopping sixty percent of the total world population. With Asia's vast size comes unbelievable variety - you will find enough cultures, landscapes, cities, villages, nature, animals and cuisines to fill a novel! This versatility makes Asia one of the most popular areas in the world for travellers. The most well-known and most popular travel destinations in Asia are Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and China. However, there are uncountable more regions, countries and areas that every person has to see and experience in their life. So wherever you’re going, your trip to Asia will be an unforgettable experience.

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Struggling to decide where to go? 

We'll gladly help you on your way to experiencing Asia for yourself. You will find everything you need to know about travelling to Asia at The Travelling Souk. We’ll tell you everything about the most beautiful countries, most impressive areas and prettiest sights. We’ll also tell you about the planning and arrangements necessary for a trip like this. But first of all, read below for our rundown of some of Asia's most stunning highlights.

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Did you know...?

Asia certainly doesn't do things by halves. As we said before, Asia is the biggest continent in the world based on total surface and population. The total surface of Asia is a whopping 45 million square kilometres and has roughly 4.5 billion residents. Asia is also home to the world's highest mountain: the famous Mount Everest rises 8,848 meters into the clouds above. Looking for the largest lake in the world? Asia has that too. Just visit the Caspian Sea. Looking for the biggest country? Asia is the place to be, Russia is the largest country in the world and, for the biggest part, located in Asia. Looking for the largest nation of people? Asia provides you with that. China has the biggest population in the world, with at least 1.3 billion residents. So, you’re going to Asia? Go big or go home!

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