Staycation Outdoor Activities


Outdoor Activity Ideas for your Staycation

Staycations are growing in popularity with more and more people recognising the value of a holiday closer to home. They allow you a short journey to your destination, mean you tread lightly on the environment (as long as you don’t fly…) and you get to know your own country a bit better! 

It's true that we often take our backyard for granted and instead daydream about faraway places. I often find myself thinking there are no things to do near me. However, the misconception that staycations are boring couldn’t be further from the truth no matter where you live! With the help of AWE365 we will show you that you can have unforgettable adventure holidays right on your doorstep.  Read on for our favourite 5 activity ideas for your next staycation adventure!

Mountain Biking Staycation UK

#1 Mountain Biking

Get the adrenaline pumping and head out on a mountain bike to discover the landscape from a different perspective! Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and there are more and more tracks and cycle routes opening up. There are different levels depending on your ability and many centres also offer bike hire, if you don’t have your own. Some of the best can be found at Nant yr Arian near Aberystwyth and the World Cup courses at Fort William in the Nevis Range. Some of these courses are truly exhilarating and a challenge, especially for the inexperienced. However, they are great fun and you get to see some of the UK’s most dramatic landscapes at their best!


#2 Surfing

Whether you are a complete beginner or have a bit of experience, surfing is a fun challenge that you can enjoy at a host of different locations across the UK. There are 20,000 miles of coastline with some excellent surfing spots and with the right guidance you will be riding the waves in no time! The UK has some stunning beaches, that easily rival anything you will find abroad. Rest Bay in South Wales and Watergate Bay in Cornwall are just two examples. If you are a beginner, you can enjoy surfing all year round, as smaller waves are perfect for learning the ropes. For more advanced surfing, the best time to hit the waves in the UK is in spring and autumn. So, what are you waiting for? Pull on that wetsuit, dive in the sea and hop on that board for your next staycation adventure!   

Rock Climbing Staycation

#3 Rock Climbing

Across the UK you will find a host of great rock-climbing spots from coastal cliffs to rock outcrops. It can be a fantastic way to bond with friends and family, as you help each other reach the top! It is a good idea to get some practice at an indoor rock-climbing centre before you head into nature, but there are also some great outdoor sites suitable for beginners. The Wye Valley is a great example with many limestone cliffs in the dappled woodland with easy ascents. Another is the Peak District where you will find some fantastic climbing for all levels! Reaching the top of your climb gives a great sense of achievement and you will easily become hooked on this exhilarating sport.


#4 Hiking

Hiking is a wonderful way to explore the country and there are plenty of different holiday options whether you want to hike the whole way and camp or stay in a central location and try out several different routes. For the adventurous there are challenging hikes, such as the Pennine Way which runs for 268 miles from Edale in Derbyshire to the Scottish Border or the West Highland Way from Glasgow to Fort William. Both take in some of the most spectacular landscapes on the island! You can also base yourself in one of the country’s many national parks and experience a variety of different hikes. Head to Brecon and climb the Brecon Beacons or stay in Bakewell and see what the Peak District has to offer. A hiking staycation is also easy to combine with a host of other activities!

Kayaking Staycation UK

#5 Kayaking

Kayaking is the perfect beginner sport as it is low impact and can be enjoyed on flat calm waters, as well as exciting white-water fast-moving rivers. It is a fantastic way to relax and experience being at one with nature! Gently paddle across a lake or slow river and get the chance to see some wildlife and beautiful scenery. Kent’s River Stour is one of the best locations for this sort of kayaking, while Armathwaite to Wetheral Weir in Cumbria offers great beginners’ fun in the rapids. It is a fantastic group activity and you will come away with some unforgettable memories, whether you opt for a relaxing or exhilarating route!


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