How to travel peacefully in Europe 

Travel in Europe

France and Paris, Italy and the pizzas, United-Kingdom and Big Ben…
There are so many things to see in Europe.
1.043 billion people discover “the old continent”.

But it’s not always so easy to travel in Europe. It often requires in-depth preparation.

So, in order to make your trip to Europe a bit easier, here are 5 more (or less) useful tips to reduce
your stress and anxiety!

Tip 1: Prepare your trip

At first sight, this may seem ordinary and futile, but preparing your trip is necessary and important.

Make a list of your belongings (clothes, digital devices, chargers...) so that you know exactly what you need to bring and what you will need to have
when you are leaving. Then you will not forget anything important and will be able to enjoy your stay with peace of mind. In addition, do not forget your
valid travel and identity documents so that you are not denied boarding.

In addition, it helps to find out more about your destination: its history, culture, local currency, exchange rate etc. You can also learn a few words or
expressions to exchange with the locals.

Tip 2: Find out about the transport available at the airport

Since airports are often located on the outskirts of cities in Europe, it can be complicated to simply access your destination.
Find out about the different modes of transport, their prices and their availability according to your arrival or departure time.

Depending on your budget, you can choose public transport. With a more flexible budget, it is also possible to book a VTC or taxi,
either in advance or at the airport exit.

Also, don't forget to have spare change so you can pay for your trip if your credit card doesn't work abroad.

Tip 3: Travel without your luggage

Luggage can be a source of high expenses and problems. Indeed, airlines have very strict rules regarding weight and luggage size limits.
Enjoying your surfboard or your golf clubs during your travel can quickly turn into hopelessness when boarding.

In addition, once you get off your plane, it can be complicated to carry your bulky suitcases in the oppressive heat of your holiday destination.

This is why it is now possible to send your luggage directly to your destination at an attractive price. Companies like Eelway,
offer to collect your luggage at the time and address of your choice, to deliver it directly to your place of residence.

Tip 4: Take your time

You are traveling, aren't you? So enjoy it! Why complicate your vacation?

Sometimes, giving yourself a few days off is great for recharging your batteries. Above all, it allows you to fully enjoy your stay.
And who knows, maybe you'll make your best memories that day!

Tip 5: Your health comes first!

A piece of advice that comes back often, but that some people take more and more lightly: be careful about your health when you travel.

Find out about the vaccinations that are mandatory and recommended in your holiday country. Even in Europe,
diseases such as rabies can be easily transmitted by animals.

So don't forget to check your diet and remember to keep hydrated. Indeed, in some places like the south of Italy, tap water is not safe to drink.
Therefore, make sure you buy bottled water and check that the cap is properly closed when you buy it.

In short, just take care of yourself and have fun! 😊

Do you have any other advice to share with us? Feel free to write them below in the comments!

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