Top 10 Things to Do in Darwin

Darwin is an eclectic city, located right on the Timor Sea. It's the gateway to the Top End of Australia, making it a popular place for tourists to start their journey around the Northern Territory. Plan to stay in Darwin a few days so you can experience all that it has to offer. The culture, nature, and scenery around Darwin are some of the most spectacular in all of Australia. Check out our 10 favorite things to do in Darwin.



# 1 Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

These museums are free and are a great place to start your vacation to the Northern Territory. They are located along the waterfront, just outside the city center. The museum offers a large collection of indigenous art, an interactive display about the impact of Cyclone Tracy, and a taxidermy crocodile of Sweetheart, the 16 foot (5m) monster that attacked several fishing boats in the area.


#2 Enjoy Brunch by the Northern Beaches

Discover Darwin city and the Northern Beaches by going on a Beach Brunch tour with Ethical Adventures. The tour will take you through the bustling city, through the towering cruise yachts at Stokes Hill Wharf, and then heads out to the beaches at the Casuarina Coastal Reserve. Walk along the sandy beach and search for colorful sea glass. Then, treat yourself with brunch overlooking the scenic coastline.


Darwin Nightcliff Jetty

#3 Fishing on Nightcliff Jetty

Nightcliff Jetty is a great spot to catch decent-sized estuary rock cods, blue salmon, small sharks, squid, and more. There are plenty of BBQ tables near the jetty, so you can catch and cook your dinner right here. There are also great walking and bicycle paths, so it’s a terrific spot to hang out and enjoy a beautiful day. Revel in the striking views of the red sandstone cliffs and stay to watch a stunning sunset.


#4 East Point Military Precinct

In 1942, Darwin Harbour was bombed by the same Japanese warplanes that bombed Pearl Harbour, except even more bombs were dropped on Darwin. It was the first of many raids in Darwin during World War II. Darwin was an important defensive city during the war. To learn more about the WWII history of Darwin, visit the Defence of Darwin Experience and the Darwin Military Museum.



Photo Credit: Poon Pin

# 5 Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is only 90 minutes away from Darwin, so it's an easy day trip. Litchfield National Park is known for its waterfalls, crystal clear swimming holes, and unique wildlife. Go swimming at the gorgeous pools at the base of Wangi Falls and Florence Falls. Take a dip in the Buley Rockholes as the water cascades between the rock pools. Marvel at the giant magnetic termite mounds that tower at 6 '5 ”(or 2 meters). Get to know the landscape and history of the Top End with a local guide on a Litchfield National Park Day Tour .


#6 Watch the Sunset at Mindil Beach

Mindil Beach is a popular local hang out to watch the sunset over the Timor Sea. The view doesn’t get any better than this. On Thursdays and Sundays during the dry season, you can also stroll around the Mindil Markets. You will be able to find great souvenirs and mementos for your trip here. They sell Aboriginal artifacts, handmade crafts, and unique clothing. There is also a variety of food stalls serving up fresh oysters, kangaroo, crocodile, and plenty of delicious South Eastern Asian dishes.



Photo Credit: Luke Paterson, NT Bird Specialists. [Image on the Left]

# 7 Wildlife & Rock Art at Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is one of the few places in the world that is listed as both a cultural and natural World Heritage Site. The cultural significance of Kakadu dates back tens of thousands of years to the Aboriginal people that originally inhabited the area. Kakadu’s rock art makes up one of the longest historical records in the entire world. Also, you can experience the most remarkable biodiversity in the world here. Kakadu is home to one-third of all Australian birds and one-fifth of all Australian mammals. Some of the animals are endangered and most are not found anywhere else in the world. Take a Wildlife & Rock Art Tour with NT Bird Specialists to explore the wetlands, bird hides, monsoon forest, and ancient sandstone country habitats.


#8 Waterfront Lagoons

Darwin's beaches are infested with saltwater crocodiles, sharks, and dangerous jellyfish, so it's best not to swim in the ocean. Better alternatives are the Recreation Lagoon and Wave Lagoon, which are located on Darwin's waterfront. The Recreation Lagoon has a sandy beach and crocodile-free seawater. The entrance is free to the Recreation Lagoon. Next to the Recreation Lagoon, you can splash around in the big waves at the Wave Lagoon. There is a small fee to enter the Wave Lagoon.


#9 Jumping Crocodile Tour

Just 45 minutes away from Darwin, you can take a cruise down the Adelaide River to witness the infamous Australian saltwater crocodiles. The guides are fearless as they dangle pieces of meat from a long pole to lure the salties to jump up and catch. These crocodiles can reach up to 20 feet in length and they can jump so far out of the water that only one-third of their tail remains underwater. It is a spectacular sight to see these fearsome predators in all their glory. You don’t have to worry though, the cruise boats are huge and they are made out of a couple of tons of steel, so you can watch the action from the safety of the boat.


Photo Credit: Luke Paterson, NT Bird Specialists.

#10 Photography Tour

It is difficult to capture all of the beauty and wonder of the Northern Territory. If you want to go home from your Top End excursion with the most amazing photographs, then you should take a photography tour with NT Bird Specialists. They have bird and nature photography tours designed to capture stunning photos of birds, wildlife, and landscapes in Australia’s outback, including Darwin, Kakadu, and Kimberly (Western Australia).


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