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Road Trip Accessories to Have in Your Car

July 31, 2020 | Guest post by: Ron Cooper

Feet hanging out of the window on a road trip

Road trips, especially on your vehicle and the best people of your life, can be a worth remembering activity. However, there are a few things that seem minor, but they can cause severe issues.

Today, we will make a detailed checklist of what should be done for a safe and smooth road trip. Only a responsible person can enjoy his road trip. Others will only be at risk of any unprecedented trouble. Read carefully for your sake, because I firmly believe that a nod to wise, is enough. From a good quality water cooler to a decent car security camera, this list will include a lot more than you have expected.


Why do we need car accessories?

During my lifetime, I have come across several people who think that keeping accessories in your car is unnecessary. Such people live in a fool's paradise, I will only ask them to imagine that they are away from their house, and it starts raining, now what would they do if the roads get blocked?

These are the advantages of keeping car accessories with you.

  • You travel safely.
  • Most car accessories are for tackling emergencies.
  • A few are for keeping your car a lively place, and for aesthetics.
  • For improving the comfort in your car.
  • For security reasons.


Essential Car Accessories

1. Alarms and Car Security Cameras

Parking your car without any alarm is not safe nowadays. Thieves have evolved as they now know some advanced ways of unlocking your car. 

Firstly, you should get a car alarm, so that you may hear it whenever somebody tries to open or use your car without your permission. Sometimes alarms can be a bit annoying. Suppose you feel that a car alarm will be of no use, as the user will not get a notification. So, you may go for a robust car security camera.

Also, try to find the best car security camera, after reading reviews, and buyer's guides. In the market, you will come across several car security cameras, but the best ones suit your needs. And for this, you can refer to good sources like by referring to Dk security

The excellent way to buy a reliable car security camera is by making a checklist of what you expect from a car security camera and then buy it. A responsible buyer will always have a clear idea about his car's requirements.

The car security camera will help so much and you would not need to worry much about your car when you have parked it away from you. Also, there could be so many incidents on the road where you wouldn’t be the victim for the crime/fault and you would be able to prove yourself with the help of the car security camera.

So, make sure that you are using a good and reliable car security camera in your car.


2. The console organizer

A long trip requires an extended plan and an excellent investment. You need to buy a mini-console organizer to keep all the edibles, drinks, and snacks. Your car needs fuel, but the passengers, need it the most.

While buying a console, you should make sure that it is an excellent insulator, and its capacity is more than 24 hours.  Secondly, it must be easy to handle and carry so that you should not feel tired only by organizing and carrying drinks.


3. A car charger

Your mobile phone, cameras, and laptops need to be fully charged when you are not around your residence. A car charger will be the last and only option. Make sure that you have bought a multi-port, because I do not think that you will only charge a single mobile phone when out on a road trip.

 Another important thing in a car charger is the length of the cables if your car charger has not got long wires, then the passengers sitting at the rear seats will surely annoy you a lot.


4. First aid kit

Minor injuries and health issues can be the most irritating and fun-killing troubles a family may encounter during a road trip. A complete first aid kid will be the lifesaver here. The first aid kit, you will be keeping while traveling needs all the essential and advanced equipment.

For instance, a blood sugar and bp level checker, a thermometer, bandages, iodine, thongs if something gets stuck in anybody’s skin. Lastly, a few medicines, for busting fever and other health complications. 


5. Cup holders

Driving is not an easy task, and you should keep great accessories for supporting your hydration system. A cup or bottle holder is a must when leaving for a long drive. Otherwise, driving with a water bottle in your hand or under your foot can be extremely dangerous.

A flexible can holder, made up of thick plastic, will be the best choice. People often consider a steel or metallic can holders that are not very safe.


6. Car back support

Staying straight and drive for more than two hours can be tough. Car back supports are the rescuers here. The design of a car back support plays a pivotal role in making it your best friend throughout the drive.


7. Smartphone holder

While heading out to an unknown place, you usually rely on GPS. In such cases, you continuously need to keep an eye on the mobile phone. It can be risky; that is why you need a smartphone holder attached to your dashboard if your car doesn’t have an inbuilt GPS system.


8. Trash bags

If you are responsible and smart citizens, you will never dare to pollute the beautiful places you yearn to visit with your family. A trash bag is a must, as neither, you can throw trash in your car, nor you should throw it on the roads.


9. Window shades

If you plan to go out during the daytime, the mid-day summer can come out as a challenge. For tackling such a situation, your AC will not be enough; you will also need a few great window shades.


10. Steering wheel desks

Of course, there will be food during the long drive, but messing up your car will not be a great idea. That is why buying a steering wheel desk is crucial. These desks will function as food trays. They will hook up to the steering wheel, and you may put your food on them.

After using them, you can clean them with a wet tissue paper, and place them in your car luggage holder. Another amazing thing is its capacity to hold your books, laptops, and even babies as well.

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