Formentera Holidays

Formentera Holidays

A vacation between amazing beaches and unforgettable aperitifs

If you have already been there, it is very likely that you come back every year and, if you have never gone there... this is the right time to book! Formentera, renamed the small pearl of the Balearic Islands, is a tiny island with irresistible charm. For those who like to spend long days on the beach this is definitely the right place. To reach it, simply book a flight to nearby Ibiza (playing in advance you will find very convenient offers), consult the timetables of the Ibiza-Formentera ferry so as not to waste time once you arrive at the port and, to conclude, rent one of the many houses in Formentera. In this way you will be ready to fully enjoy the magic of the island.

Formentera is in fact magical... for various reasons. First of all, the splendor of its beaches is comparable only to remote Caribbean atolls.

You should know that one of its most famous beaches, Playa de Ses Illetes, is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe! It is located within the Saline Natural Park, a protected area, which can be accessed by paying a small toll. Imagine an expanse of white sand caressed by coral shades, a sea with transparent waters, and a low seabed where you can walk for tens of metres... if this is not paradise, it is pretty close to it!

Formentera beach

Formentera Beach

But it is not only the wonderful Ses Illetes to enjoy these characteristics. Also Playa de Llevant, located on the opposite side of the peninsula of Es Trucadors (we are located exactly north of the island, near the port of La Savina) has nothing to envy.

The list of the wonderful beaches of Formentera is long. You can choose to visit Cala Saona, a beach nestled between high red rocks or opt for the long Migjorn beach. Oriented to the south, this part of the coast offers numerous coves where you will spend your day undisturbed (remember that Formentera is a naturist island).

Wherever you decide to go you will be overwhelmed by its perfumes, not least are its colors. Premising that it is very difficult that there is bad weather on the island (the rainfall is practically zero) we invite you to look at the sky on clear days. That saturated blue, in contrast to the rich vegetation belonging to the Mediterranean scrub, offers landscapes of rare beauty. Observe the prickly pears with which the island is full, breathe in the large pine forest near Migjorn... here nature is alive and throbbing.

Aperitifs at Sunset in Formentera

Formentera pomada kiosko 62 And then there are those magical sunsets! The moment of the "puesta del sol", as they say sunset in Spanish, in Formentera is a real ritual. There are many places to spend an aperitif while waiting for the sun to go down, from the most spartan chiringuito where you can sip a mojito with your feet in the sand to the coolest place where you can show off maybe the most beautiful dress... the beauty of Formentera is also in this versatility.
You can choose the most suitable place for you without depriving yourself of changing style the next day.

Among our favorites there is certainly the Kiosko 62, located in the Migjorn beach. This chiringuito is the wildest thing you can find on the island. Here every negative thought will evaporate from your mind and the only "effort" you will have to do is order a cocktail! Speaking of cocktails, if you are curious and love to experiment with new flavors, only here you can taste the "pomada": a drink based on Minorcan gin and fresh Formentera lemons.

Also on the Migjorn coast, another very popular beach bar is the Kiosko Lucky: this place is a regular meeting place for all Italians who feel homesick (remember that the island is visited every year not only by Spaniards, but also by many Italians).

Among the most famous and cool places to have an aperitif, we Formenteracannot fail to mention Chezz Gerdi which is located in Es Pujols. Here the aperitif is decidedly more fashionable but no less beautiful than all the others. Every evening, at sunset, there is a DJ set that animates the place and, between music and excellent cocktails, you can also decide to taste some excellent dishes on their menu. We suggest you try the Iberian pizza made with mascarpone, jamon serrano and figs or sushi. Before leaving, don't forget to take a picture of yourself near the famous hippy van with the word "Formentera", it is located right in front of the restaurant and is now one of the symbols of the island.

In conclusion, we suggest the chiringuito where you will absolutely see the most beautiful sunset of your life: the Kiosko Cala Saona. This small hippye-style stilt house is located on the beach of the same name and is the best place to see the sun go down on the horizon. The colors that will appear before your eyes will be manifold: they will vary from blue to purple, passing through pink and orange ... the sky will be burning and we are sure that you can no longer do without Formentera!

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