Sumatra is one of Indonesia’s largest islands, located to the west of Java. Adventurers and thrill seekers really ought not to miss Sumatra off their travel bucket list. The island is bursting with wonders of the natural world, most famously with dense jungles home to families of wild orang-utans. You can also see tigers, rhinos and elephants in their natural habitats. Or for something even more off the beaten track, catch the ferry from Padang over to the Mentawai Islands, a cluster of volcanic islands perfect for those looking for some idyllic surf and sand.

Hungry after all of those adventures? Then head to Medan, the biggest city in Sumatra and one of the best destinations for foodies. Indulge in meats, spicy noodles, or ‘soto Medan’, a traditional soup from Medan made with beef or chicken and coconut milk.