Whilst Java is home first and foremost to Jakarta, Indonesia’s sprawling, concrete jungle capital city, it also offers much, much more. Java is Indonesia’s geographic and economic centre, and houses more than half of Indonesia’s entire population. Geographically, Java is a complex island, dotted with smoking volcanoes, rainforests and pristine beaches. A highlight is Mount Bromo, a real icon of Indonesia’s landscape which is easily accessible from the nearby town of Probolinggo. For the early birds, wake up early to hike up the mountain and enjoy the stunning sunrise views.

As well as the natural phenomena, Java is also full of symbols of human ingenuity. For example, Borobudur Temple is famed as the world’s largest Buddhist temple. It is an architectural wonder: from a bird’s eye view, it resembles a mandala, with its outer walls representing a world of passion and desire, and working deeper and deeper inwards to a place of enlightenment and nirvana.