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What Makes A 5-Star Hotel?

July 14, 2020 | Guest post by: Carolin Petterson

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Although there is no standard system to rate a 5-star hotel, these accommodations are famous for always offering high-end services, which are what makes them worth the higher price. 5-star hotels are properties that provide their guests with the highest standards of luxury through additional facilities, gratuities, and personalized services. That includes luxurious amenities such as sophisticated accommodations, spa treatments, and meals prepared by world-famous chefs.

We all wish (and definitely need) to spoil ourselves while on holiday. For this reason, this may be the best time to book one of the most prestigious hotels for your next trip. If you wish to learn more about 5-star hotels, and how to choose the best one, keep reading. 


What Services Should I Expect From the Hotel Staff?

What we all expect from 5-star hotels, especially in the times of pandemic, is exceptional service that aligns with the safety protocols. The professional and dedicated staff will help you feel safe and comfortable and do their best to accommodate your needs. Whether you want to travel and stay in a 5-star hotel or you are looking for a luxurious small wedding venue for your intimate celebration, you’ll be accommodated according to your specific needs and preferences. 

5-star hotels have professional and dedicated members of the staff that will warmly welcome you. They should address you with respect and always be available for you. You’ll be escorted to your room when you first arrive unless you specifically decline their help. However, there are additional services that high-end accommodations offer, making them worth the extra price.

First of all, these hotels usually come with a stand-alone concierge staff, who is available at night-time. Members of the staff should be multilingual and trained to anticipate their guests’ needs, as well as dealing with children or special requests. On the other hand, every guest should always treat the staff with maximum respect.


Hotel resort pool

What Amenities Are There in a 5-Star Hotel?

When it comes to in-room amenities, there is no standard for hotels to follow. 5-star hotels’ rooms tend to be bigger and they also include extra facilities, such as more space for your clothes and fast Wi-Fi, pillow menu, exercise kit, etc. There are accommodations that offer services specifically targeted at those who need a reliable Internet connection to work from their room or stay in good shape during their stay.

A stocked mini-bar, with fancy wines and energy drinks, is usually a must for many travelers. In the summertime, this should always be stocked with fresh water, either sparkling or still, based on the guest’s preferences. You should also expect a selection of daily newspapers and a flat-screen TV with international programming.


Can a Luxury Hotel Make My Vacation More Comfortable?

Whether you are traveling with your family or as a solo adventurer, 5-star hotels can spoil you and your fellow companions in many ways, and with several dedicated services and amenities. These will definitely make your life easier, and consequently, your vacation more comfortable.

For example, a luxury hotel can offer useful services for those who are traveling for business, such as a 24-hour reception or laundry, ironing, and dry-cleaning services. If you need to catch your flight early in the morning, a free shuttle from and to the closest airport or train station will let you enjoy your time and sleep on both ears before your departure.


Five star hotel dining room

Is There any Difference Between “Five-Star” and “Luxury”?

Most travelers assume that a 5-star hotel and luxury accommodation are similar accommodation choices. However, hotel managers and several travel industry experts cannot stress the difference between the two types of properties enough.

In fact, the definition of “luxury” is generally subjective, and it depends on each guest’s needs and expectations. In other words, the truth is that even a 4-star hotel can be considered luxurious, although it may not necessarily offer the same services provided by 5-star properties.


How Do I Find a Legitimate 5-Star Hotel?

Since the 1950s, both the United States and Canada have used different standards to categorize luxury hotels. The most commonly used are the Forbes Travel Guide star ratings, the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the Canada Automobile Association (CAA) diamond ratings.

These scores all indicate the hotel’s class and quality, based on several factors, such as the service, the physical facilities, and, of course, the price. In other words, these ratings can give you a comprehensive overview of what you should expect from your hotel and they can help you book the luxury property you are looking for.

Properties who obtain the 5-star awards by Forbes, or 5-diamonds by AAA or CAA, will most likely display its ratings with pride. You can find the badge of honor on the propriety’s website and often on its main entrance door. However, hotels can also display 5-star assignments from different organizations. If you are looking for excellent services and you wish to invest your money into a true 5-star hotel, you should always check where the ratings come from. If the rating is only established from readers and past guests’ reviews, then the property may or may not be worth the claim. Therefore, do your homework before traveling in order to enjoy the most of your stay and investment. 


Most major cities have a plethora of five-star hotels, so you can choose the one that suits you best. If you have money in your budget to spend on luxurious accommodations, then the next step of the planning process is choosing the right hotel for your vacation.

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