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Looking for the perfect gifts for travel lovers? We have compiled a complete list of the best travel gifts to get your travel-obsessed friends and loved ones. Choosing a gift for a travel lover can prove to be a challenge because most frequent travelers prefer to travel light. You don’t want to waste money on items that they won’t use! Well, that is why we filled this list with unique and useful ideas to inspire you. All the items on this list are things that I personally travel with or wish that I had while traveling. They will make fantastic gifts for men or women, business travelers, or backpackers. Everyone will love these gifts!


Table of Contents:

» Travel Gifts Under $25

» Travel Gifts Under $50

» Travel Gifts Under $100

» Travel Gifts Over $100


Travel Gifts Under $25

These gifts are perfect for stocking stuffers or for those on a budget. 


Holding three cloth toiletry bags with different styles

Travel-ready Toiletry Bags

The days of putting everything in Ziploc bags are long gone! Get your loved one a reusable toiletry bag to put all their makeup and toiletry items. Get one that is waterproof, washable, and easily foldable to make it especially fit for carry-on luggage.


Passport case with watercolor world map and see the world printed in brush font

Passport Case

Passports are the most valuable travel document and should be protected with a passport case. Avoid damaged or worn-out passports that might cause trouble at customs. Get one that is sleek, durable, and stylish with an RFID blocking layer to protect sensitive information.


Water bottle with purse, bathing suit, sandals in suitcase

Reusable Water Bottle

Encourage proper hydration in style with a cool reusable water bottle! Even better, check out the awesome collapsible water bottles they have now that are perfect to tuck into a purse or backpack. It will make going through the airport even easier.


Stack of three books on the beach with cabanas in the background

Travel Books

Travel books transport us to faraway destinations, inspire our next adventure, and give us that craving to explore the world. They connect us to people and places like no other writing genre. I’m not just talking about travel guide books, but books that share human stories, history, and adventure that take place while traveling. Check out this great list of funny travel books for gift inspiration.


Leather journel with compass imprinted on it and map beneath it

Travel Journal

Travel journals are an excellent way to document funny stories, delicious meals, or incredible moments that happen while traveling. While pictures are a great tool, sometimes I look back at a picture and I can’t remember why I took it. That’s why I try to write down all of my favorite things from a vacation as well as tips for the next time I visit. If you need more ideas for the blogger or writer in your life, check out this awesome gift list for writers and bloggers for resources and tools that they have definitely had their eye on.


Reusable cotton pads in bamboo container

Reusable Cotton Pads

Reusable cotton pads are a great gift for eco-friendly travelers. They are washable, biodegradable, and completely zero-waste. The soft cotton pads will easily remove makeup or apply face cleanser. Your loved one will be taking these with them wherever they go!


Tent and hammock in the wilderness


If your loved one is an outdoorsy camping enthusiast, then a tarp is actually an incredible useful, and cool gift. Tarps can be used as an outdoor flooring or as a hammock so you can sit or lie down anywhere in the great outdoors. Tarps are highly useful for different applications. They are especially helpful in emergencies like camping in the rain, securing belongings, etc. If you like to have a little adventure, then tarps can be used as a makeshift tent. If you're thinking of taking your outdoors adventure one step further, then check out the most important items to include in your sustainable wild camping survival kit!


Travel Gifts Under $50

Surprise your favorite traveler with these awesome gifts that are guaranteed to improve their travel experience!


Solar powered portable charger

Solar-Powered Portable Charger

This is the perfect gift for the off-the-beaten-path traveler in your life. A solar-powered portable charger will let them charge their electronics no matter where they go. Whether they are taking a long wilderness hike, enjoying an eco-retreat, or camping in the woods, a solar-power portable charger will be a welcome companion.

For more additional information about solar power banks and solar phone chargers, you could check this guide.


Black organizer case for technology, electronics, cords, cables, and more

Cable Organizer

The modern traveler has so many cables, cords, and chargers to keep track of these days. The cords can easily get into a tangle in a backpack, which makes it annoying to try to fish one out. A nice cable organizer with plenty of compartments will easily solve this modern-day problem.


Multi-colored camera strap attached to black camera

Camera Strap

If you’re looking for a gift for a travel photographer, consider upgrading their camera strap. Get a fun strap to add a splash of color or a classy leather strap to add a bit of sophistication. If they often need to carry their camera for long periods of time, then find a camera strap that offers extra support and cushion.


White United Airlines plane in the blue sky

Airlines Gift Cards

Well, obviously, this one could go in any category, but that’s the beautiful thing about this gift! It’s simple, effective, and will always be a hit. Giving the gift of travel is one of the best things you can give to a travel lover. It makes it easy for your friend or loved one to use it when it fits in their schedule. They can send you pictures of their travels as an epic thank-you card!


Travel Gifts Under $100

You can't go wrong with these chic accessories!

Gray travel backpack on a rock overlooking the mountains

Day Pack

Frequent travelers use day packs a lot, so they can be easily worn down. Check if they need a new stylish and durable day travel backpack. Get one with lots of compartments for laptops, chargers, books, and more. Find a good outdoor brand that will keep their stuff safe when they take it on a long trail hike.


person lying in a hammock between trees during the daytime

Travel Hammock

These hammocks are so much fun to sling up between trees and relax in the forest, on the beach, or in the mountains. Just lay back, bring a good book, and enjoy the view. These travel hammocks are lightweight and fold up really small so you can bring it with you in your day pack.



Travel Gifts Over $100

These gifts below make truly special presents and will make your favorite traveler say "wow!"


Black cordless noise canceling headphones

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are now my must-have item when I travel. I could forget everything else (besides my passport) as long as I have my noise-canceling headphones! They block out the loud drone of the plane, kids crying, and people talking. Once I turn on music, I truly cannot hear anything else. It’s like being in my own little world. I have also found that over-ear headphones are way more comfortable for long flights.


White cordless ear pods

Wireless Ear Pods

Wireless ear pods are so small and easy to fit on carry-on luggage. It’s really nice to have these when I’m on the move a lot because there isn’t a cord to untangle. I will still choose my noise-canceling headphones when I’m on the plane, but once I get into the city, these are my go-to choice for listening to music and Google maps directions. I like turning on Google maps directions so that when I’m walking around it tells me exactly when to turn and I don’t have to stare at my phone.


Airline membership lounge and restaurant

Airline Membership

If your friend or loved one has a favorite airline with a good membership program, then purchasing a year of the membership for them would be a wonderful gift. This way, they can take advantage of the airport lounge, free drinks, upgrades, and so much more. You will be sponsoring a year of traveling in style and comfort.


Brown leather camera bag sitting on a rock

Camera Bag

A stylish camera bag that can also double as a purse is a much-needed item for a travel photographer. It’s perfect for carrying on to a flight or for a day of exploring. Get one with good support for the camera as well as compartments for personal items. One of the more popular camera bags used by many travel Vloggers is the Wandrd PRVKE camera backpack.

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