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Planning Resources

Last updated: February 2020


When planning a trip abroad, there are many questions that must be considered before you jet off. Planning in advance allows you time to do plenty of research, make all the necessary reservations, and check if you might be missing anything. It's vital to spend time planning your trip so that you do not miss out on amazing experiences during your vacation. Then, once you land in your destination, your travel plan will give you a sense of guidance and security as you are exploring a new place. We have pulled together our best planning resources to help you in your quest for planning the perfect trip.


Packing a suitcase for vacation


Packing Tips

Have you ever been on a trip and realized you forgot something? It's such a bad feeling! Packing is one of my least favorite parts of any trip. I tend to overpack because I'm anxious I will miss something and then I have this super heavy bag I have to lug around all vacation. I am trying to become a more efficient packer and with each journey, it gets easier. I learn from my mistakes and try to improve. Making a packing list is the best way I have found to avoid the dreaded feeling of forgetting something important. Lay everything out on your bed before you pack so you can see if any items are redundant or unnecessary. Finally, invest in a travel scale! I will never travel without one again. I hate having to unpack and repack at the airport when my luggage is too heavy because I bought too many souvenirs. Whoops!

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Create a Travel Itinerary

Creating an itinerary may feel constraining to some people, but I actually love planning out our trips and seeing all the details come together. It's fun to look at all of the things to do, places to eat, and tours to go on. If you are one of those people that hates to create an itinerary, that's totally okay. The most important part is doing solid research and creating a list of your "can't-miss" things. That way, you can prioritize your time on vacation and do the things you would absolutely want to do. Don't forget to look up the opening times/days of museums, shows, and landmarks. It's such a bummer to come back from vacation and realize you missed something big you should have done. Do plenty of research before you travel and you won't miss out. 

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Planning a trip, map with notebook and glasses


How to Save Money on Travel

Traveling around the world does not have to break the bank. There are many destinations around the world with favorable exchange rates, which makes traveling actually cheaper than everyday life. Also, flights are getting more affordable and there are more options for low-cost accommodations than ever before. You can use apps to determine the best times to buy a plane ticket or find great flight deals. Getting a travel credit card helps you to save up money just by using the card for daily purchases. You receive points for every dollar you spend, which you can then spend on flights, taxis, car rentals, hotels, and more. Always remember to do the math, because the "cheapest" thing may not actually be that cheap. For instance, does staying an extra day for a discounted flight actually balance out with having to spend more on hotels and food? 

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International Travel Resources

If you plan to travel outside of your home country, there are a few more things you need to keep in mind. You may need to obtain a visa, receive certain vaccines, or bring special medication. Visa requirements vary by country and it is important to know what type of visa you need, especially if you plan to travel between countries. Some countries allow you to apply for a visa online, whereas for others you will need to visit a consulate, embassy, or other official center. It is a good idea to do plenty of research, leave time for applications and budget for visa costs. We have created a few resources to help you plan your international vacation:

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