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Google Flights

Launched in 2011, Google Flights is an online flight comparison service. The specificity of this service is to offer flexible search criteria. Whether it is to find a destination according to your budget, period or to find the ideal time to book your plane tickets, you will find numerous helpful functionalities on Google Flights.

Finding your destination with Google Flights

You have yet to decide on your next holiday destination? You are travelling on a limited budget? The "Explore" feature is a great way to find inspiration or affordable flights at your desired dates. Whatever the progress level of your project, you can start your planning thanks to this Google tool.

The Google Flights map

Trouver une destination avec Google flight

The Google Flights map allows you to explore destinations with a price indication.

The way it works is very simple. You just have to enter a few criteria, such as your airport of departure, estimated length of stay and the period of departure. You will then be presented with a detailed map of all possible journeys as well as their prices. Of course, it is possible to go in much more depth. For example, you can specify a maximum number of stopovers, a preferred airline or a maximum duration for the journey.

If a particular region interests you, just zoom in on it for more suggestions in the area.

Finding the best time to go

If you are planning a trip and your dates are flexible or to be determined, Google Flights will be a great solution for you. Indeed, Google Flights offers several features that will help you determine the best time to go.

The date grid

Leaving on weekdays is often a great way to save money on plane tickets. The price difference between a weekday departure and a weekend departure can be very significant, especially during peak tourist periods.

The date grid feature allows you to compare prices based on dates. You can thus have a better idea of ​​the most interesting days in terms of price, for the outward journey and for the return. In addition, the color coding helps you to quickly differentiate the most affordable from the most expensive deals, you can make a decision at a glance.

The price graph

If you are flexible on dates, the price graph is ideal. Indeed, thanks to this option, you will be able to have an overview of prices and trends over a wide period. This way, you can easily decide the best time for your stay depending on your destination.

For example, for a 4-day trip to Rome, the prices are much better at the very beginning of April. For a departure on April 13, the trip would cost twice as much compared to a departure the previous week.

Our tips to find a cheap flight with Google Flights

Comparer les vols Google Flight

In general, during your research, Google Flights will show you the cheapest flights first. However, these are not always the shortest or most comfortable journeys.

To work around this problem, you can configure detailed filters with your selection criteria. You can thus opt for direct flights or with stopovers, define the approximate duration of your flight, as well as your price range. Other features offered on the platform will also be very useful for you to find the best prices.

Using price alerts

One of the coolest features of Google Flights is the ability to receive alerts on the route of your choice. Thanks to Google's algorithm which constantly studies prices, you will be able to receive notifications when prices fall or when the algorithm considers that the price is sufficiently attractive.

This is very simple to use. All you have to do is enter the details of your stay (number of passengers, date, departure and destination airport) then check the "Price alert" box. You will also receive alerts in case of price increases, which can also help you save on your vacation budget.

You can now go back to your activities or watch a movie streaming online while the Google Flights’ algorithm is working in the background.

Informing yourself on price trends

You probably do not take the plane every day and know the average prices for your next trip. Google Flights is very useful from this point of view. When you start your search and choose a route, you will always have an indication of the prices.

This is an effective way to quickly know if you are getting a deal or if, on the contrary, the ticket is excessively expensive.

Be careful, however, some low-cost companies are not taken into account by Google Flights. It is therefore sometimes possible to find cheaper than what Google tells you. It is important to vary your sources in your search for tickets to ensure you get the best price.

Finally, when you select a flight, Google will let you know if a cheaper alternative option is available.

Additional features

Organisation voyage google

In addition to suggesting destinations and helping you find the best fares and the best times to go, Google Flights offers other features.

Using the multiple airports function

Google Flights gives you the ability to search for flights from multiple airports at the same time. This feature can be used in both directions, whether for your departure airport or your destination airport. Learn about Multi-City Flights – A travel hack you need to know when booking flights!

If you live in Lille for example, it may be interesting to compare prices from Lille airport, but also from Paris airports (Orly, Roissy, Beauvais). Indeed, the prices in Paris will perhaps be much more interesting even if you will need to add the cost of your trip to get there.

Likewise, if you plan to visit several cities during your stay, it is worth comparing different airports to determine the cheapest to start your trip with.

Planning a trip with multiple destinations

Google Flights allows you to view flights for multiple destinations simultaneously. This is very useful if you have planned to take the plane several times during your stay to reach the different points of interest on your itinerary.

Finding additional information

When you select a flight, scrolling down the flight details will give you access to very useful information. For example, you can find out if the seats are fitted with plugs or what the legroom is. You can now also see the more environmentally conscious flights, which is a great metric for sustainable individuals. 

The booking process

Réservation billets d'avion

Google Flights is a comparator that allows you to find flights, destinations, the best times to go and above all, attractive prices. Once your trip is definitively selected, you will be redirected to the reservation page of the supplier in question. All you have to do is complete your order to receive your tickets.

The prices shown on Google Flights include taxes, but they do not always include charges for baggage or other additional services. Indeed, with most low-cost airlines, flights are offered to you without any service. For example, if you want to enjoy a meal during your flight, this will necessarily generate an additional cost.

However, conventional airlines, such as Air France, include these basic services in your reservation. Once on the reservation page of the selected company, you will be able to find a summary of the services included in the service.

What to do once your have booked your flight?

Now that you have taken care of your trip, the next important step to prepare for your vacation is definitely organizing your accommodation.

As with your plane tickets, the approach we recommend is of course to compare the various local accommodations available for your dates.

It might be tempting to use a regular comparator like, however, be aware that in this case, you are mainly limiting your options to hotel rooms.

By choosing a slightly more comprehensive accommodation comparator, like Cozycozy, you are giving yourself the chance to find a little more original holiday accommodation, while also retaining the possibility of booking an hotel. Indeed, you will find apartments, houses, but also boats, chalets or even tree houses!

In the same way Google Flights does, the Cozycozy site allows you to refine your searches according to your wishes thanks to the filters in place and to browse a rich catalog of more than 20 million accommodations in 200 countries.

Once your holiday accommodation has been booked, all you have to do is take the next step and pack your suitcase.

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