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5 Best Places to Travel Alone for the First Time

March 17, 2020  |  Guest Post: Melisa Marzett


If you haven’t had to travel alone before, such a prospect may seem daunting. However, if you choose the right destination, then you might find that traveling alone is even more fun than group traveling. You will be able to independently think through your route and choose activities based only on your interests, not dependent on anyone else. If you are older than 50 years (age is just a figure!), remember that the number of travelers in this age group increases every year, which means that there are a number of suitable tourist routes (including for those traveling around the world alone). Sounds encouraging, doesn't it? In other words, life is just beginning, and there are many interesting discoveries ahead. Check our top destinations that we have named the best places to travel solo.


Milan Cathedral

#1 Lombardy, Italy

For lovers of fine cuisine

Not spoiled with the attention of tourists, Lombardy (in comparison to the more popular region of Tuscany) is famous for its amazing landscapes, as well as excellent cuisine and wines. Stay in the heart of Milan at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan, close to the city’s main attractions, including the extravagant Duomo Cathedral, and then take the train out of town for a gastronomic tour. Sample wines from Franciacorta, home to Italy’s finest sparkling wines, or head to Desenzano del Garda, for example, at Frantoio Montecroce Farm to taste delicious olive oil and learn more about its production. Taste the traditional Italian aperitif and do not forget about gelato - the most delicate Italian ice cream.



#2 Paris, France

For art lovers

If you still have not visited the famous "city of lights", it's time to catch up! You may be surprised, but Paris is a perfect city for hiking, and a well-functioning transport system allows you to easily reach any attractions on your route, including magnificent museums such as the Louvre Museum, the Georges Pompidou Center and the Orsay Museum. At the end of an eventful day, relax in a charming hotel with its vineyard - Radisson Blu Hotel, Paris Boulogne.


Lush green landscape with waterfall and river

#3 Roadtrip around Iceland

A win-win option

For 10 consecutive years, according to Conde Nast, Iceland remains the safest country in the world, so it is perfect for traveling alone. In addition to the amazing nature - glaciers and volcanoes, waterfalls and hot springs - it is famous for its hospitality, and many locals speak English. Go to Iceland in the summer, when daylight hours last almost 24 hours and you can take a fascinating walking tour. Or come here in winter to enjoy the amazing northern lights. Reykjavik is not only a city with beautiful architecture and interesting history, but also a great starting point for exploring Iceland on a road trip. Iceland has the "ring road" that circles the island and is perfect for a self-driving tour. 


Birds eye view over beach with turquoise waters in Bali

#4 Bali, Indonesia

Vacation on a tropical island

Beautiful beaches, magnificent pools, and amazing landscapes make Bali an attractive destination for travelers. In addition to nature, this island is famous for its rich culture. You can visit local temples, watch traditional dances and colorful ceremonies. Located on the very shores of the Indian Ocean, Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu Resort offers guests a pampering stay after a busy day exploring this mysterious "island of the gods."


Sydney Opera House and bridge view from the water

#5 Sydney, Australia

A place where cultures from around the world meet

Sydney's places of interest attract travelers from all over the world. And the locals are famous for their hospitality, and you will enjoy spending time in their company. You will be amazed by the huge number of backpackers - like you, they travel on their own, so it will be interesting for you to share your impressions with them. Visit the Bondi Market, open on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. It sells dishes for every taste - from Vietnamese pho soup to fragrant and healthy smoothies. Be sure to include in your route a visit to the Sydney Opera House (we recommend taking a ferry to Manly, which offers wonderful views of the harbor) and the Australian National Maritime Museum. The traditional-style Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel with a vintage sandstone façade is not only a perfect place to relax, but also one of the city's unique places of interest.


About the author: Along with writing, Melisa Marzett loves to travel. Currently writing articles for write my cvs, she enjoys traveling alone getting to know new places and new people.

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