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6 Travel Tips for Efficient Travel

February 21, 2020  |  Guest Post: Michelle Joe

Social media and online booking apps have made it easier for the modern traveler to find the perfect locations, airplane seats, and accommodations at their destinations. So no wonder that millennials spent over $200 billion on travel in 2018 alone – interestingly, according to Business Insider, 33% of travelers plan to spend more than $5000 on their holidays.

However, young travelers often find it challenging to be efficient on their vacations – they have trouble keeping up with their itineraries, keeping track of their belongings, catching flights on time, and being in charge of their travels. If that sounds familiar, we’ve compiled the following tips to make your travels more efficient so you can achieve your goal as a traveler – to get there on time and enjoy yourself without stressing out!

Let’s get started!


#1 Travel Light

We know, easier said than done, especially for amateur or first-time travelers.

However, hard-core travelers know that traveling light is key to stress-free holidays. This makes it easier to pass through security, terminal shutdowns, backtracking flights, and other nuisances of traveling these days.

Fewer bags also mean that you won’t have to pay exorbitant baggage fees, and you’ll also have a lot less to keep track of. That’s a win-win situation!


#2 Dress for Success

Just like your luggage, you will also have to go through security. If you arrive loaded with accessories and too many clothes, then it will be very difficult to deal with airport security and still retain your dignity.

Remove your piercings to avoid setting off the alarms, leave all other jewelry at home, and carry only the essential pieces – you won’t have time to rotate them anyways.

Make sure you wear slip-on shoes, belts with plastic buckles, and simple clothing that you can take off and put on quickly.

This also includes wearing comfy underwear – so no thongs for women and the other sex should definitely invest in men's pouch underwear to keep their most precious package safe from chaffing.


#3 Pack Essentials in Your Carry-On

According to stats, at least one bag is lost on every flight – so if you have something that you can’t live without, pack it in the carry-on bag and keep it on you at all times.

This is also true of items that you’ll need handy or anything that isn’t easily replaced – we are talking running shoes, raincoats, passports, travel itinerary, expensive makeup, and skincare, handy electronics and more.

Yes, you read that right; you can carry your skincare with you. But the condition is that all the liquids and gels should be secured in quart-sized plastic bags and packed conveniently at the top of your bag so you can pull it out quickly for inspection when they ask you to.


#4 Prepare for Delays

If you are the kind of person that hates sitting idle – brace yourself for flight delays that are a regular part of the traveler’s life.

For starters, make sure you have the phone numbers and twitter handles for your airline, car rental, shuttle service, and even the hotel you’ll be staying at. The flight delay should give you ample time to inform all of them that you are running late and give them the new ETA for your arrival.

This way, people waiting for you at the destination don’t have to waste too much time.

Tweet at your airline to find out the reason for the delay and start calling around for alternatives if the situation seems bleak, and you must be on your way.

In the meanwhile, have some things to do while you lounge around during the delays. This might be the right time to read a chapter of your guidebook and learn more about the places you are going to.


Inside an airport adults with luggage​

#5 Delegate Some Tasks for Efficient Travels

You don’t have to do everything yourself.

Begin your travels by finding a good travel agent to work with – make sure you select one you can easily communicate with and trust, to save you time and money as you embark on the long haul.

The right travel agent will keep you safe from the trouble of scouring websites for travel deals, buying tickets, and putting together a fantastic travel itinerary – they’ll do it all for you.

Also, when you are at the hotel, it is perfectly okay to ask the front desk to call you a taxi, get dinner reservations or set up a day trip.

Use one website to book the airfare and car rental – you can even book complete packages that include hotel, transport, meals, and sightseeing. You can even hire a local guide to show you around.

Saving a few hours here and there, by delegating tasks could add hours of enjoyment to your holiday and keep you from plenty of stress.


#6 Reuse Your Packing List

As we understand the impact of our travels on the environment, we must take the necessary steps to reduce our waste and carbon footprint.

Invest in clothing made from sustainable fibers and avoid using non-degradable plastics. It is also a great idea to pack smart by putting a lot of careful thought into the planning.

Get creative and stay organized by creating one central list that will come in handy on all your travels. Save it on your computer and print it out before each trip. Sure, a few things will need to be added or reduced from the list depending on where you are headed or the weather there – but all in all, the staples will be a constant.


In Conclusion

The time-tested tactics detailed above can help you streamline your travels. Remember to fly direct when you can and get there early to avoid the chances of getting stressed out over cancellations, delays, and any other surprises.


Michelle JoeAuthor Bio:

Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs.

You can find her on TwitterLinkedInFacebook


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