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4 Tips to Dress Well & Still Travel Light

February 27, 2020  |  Guest Post: Michelle Joe


You are staring at the pile of mess in your suitcase, panicking a day before your trip. What are you going to do? How are you going to sort through the jackets, dresses, and skirts?

There's an easy way to manage the mess: take it out. Choose only staple pieces and must-haves to travel light.

Minimalist travel is the gospel truth for any chic, frequent traveler. It saves you all the headache of packing, unpacking, and loading luggage onto planes.

All you need to do is pack a duffel, weekender bag, or small suitcase with your must-haves and voila--you're done.

Really? I hear you ask. Is it that easy? What if you end up leaving behind something important?"

Don’t worry, when you stick to a routine, a list of must-haves, and organizational travel tips—you can’t go wrong! Traveling light and traveling smart is the best answer to travel worries and excess luggage issues for any kind of traveler.

Below we highlight some of the tips to make your journey a memorable one:


Woman packing her clothes, jeans and shirts

#1 Choose Versatile pieces 

Anything you pack should be multi-purpose and versatile. When packing, you should remember that each piece of clothing should be used more than once.

Pack a couple of pairs of shoes that can go with every outfit. That said, each element of your outfit should be versatile enough to go with another outfit. Choose dresses, for instance, that are stylish and can transition from day to night. A normal t-shirt and jeans ensemble is also great for daytime exploring and bar-hopping at night.

Denim and Leather Jackets are cool and versatile. You can pair them with t-shirts as well as dresses to create completely different looks.


#2 Pack Must-haves

Anything you pack must have a purpose, that's why it's called a must-have. Don't pack extras or unnecessary items. If you have a pair of boots, don't pack extra pairs. It will only create clutter. Likewise, if you are going to a tropical destination, there's no need for a thermal shirt or jacket. Be careful to plan according to your destination. If you're planning a trip in France, for instance, check out our ultimate suitcase items for a European getaway

All your must-haves must take stock of three factors:


Consider the climate and weather of your travel destination first. Is it hot? Pack some light, cool clothes like dresses, shorts, and blouses. Is it cold? Pack the basic winter accessories like a coat or jacket.

For example, if you have a 15 day trip to Europe and will be spending 10 days in the cold and 5 days in warm weather, plan for more than 50% of your travel wardrobe to be for the cold.

Again there's no need to pack extra items. If you are worried about the weather and climate fluctuations, check ahead. Weather forecasts can easily tell you what you need to pack. If your tropical destination has a forecast of rain, pack light layers.

Don't go overboard though--there's no need for raincoats, just buy an umbrella there if you must.


Anything you pack should take stock of your itinerary. The number and nature of your travel activities should determine what you pack.  According to solo Traveler World, 46% of women traveling alone claim they travel alone for freedom and independence. You surely want to look and feel good when traveling solo.

So pack accordingly. If you are going to lounge about on a beach or do watersports, pack mostly beachwear. Similarly, if you are going to hike a lot, you should pack sturdier clothes.

And if you need to build an itinerary, here's a couple of ideas

Style trends

Get style aspiration for your vacation from the latest runway trends. Sometimes, they can give you ideas about smart and light travel. The style trends of the season include neon pieces, colorful leather jackets, rope belts, bucket hats, and big bags.

 Any of these trends can make you a more chic and smarter traveler. Big bags can be great statement pieces and added storage spaces on the go. Light blue leather jackets are the talk of the town these days and could be great for day-to-night outfits.


Woman walking with small suitcase and backpack

#3 Save space

Anything that's bulky or heavy--like a sneaker or coat--should be on your body not in your suitcase. Make sure to save as much space in your suitcase as possible. There's a couple of ways to do that:

  • Use compression packs for clothes and drawstring, and space-saving bags for accessories.
  • Choose only light-weight clothing options--no need for heavy furs.
  • Fold or roll your clothes to save space. If you need folding tips, there’s always Marie Kondo’s suitcase packing technique.


Woman with back pack walking up to Brooklyn bridge

#4 Travel in Style 

Now, traveling smart and light does not mean you can't be fashionable. You can look for chic outfits that are versatile and comfortable enough for your journey. Use current trends in your favor.

Go for loungewear for comfortable airport outfits. Go for bucket hats and neon bathing suits to be bold and fashion-forward. Go for tangerine maxi-dresses to wear to the beach and to a date night in the mountains.


Reasons to Travel Light:


Traveling light is always faster and more efficient. You just stick to a list of must-have items that are easy to pack, and then you're done. Frequent travelers will love this method so they can jet off at any instant.


Traveling light saves money. You don't have to end up paying extra baggage or trolley fees at the airport. You can instead simply board the flight with a carry-on.

Ease of movement

When you have less luggage and less bulky bags, you can travel much more easily, especially if you have kids. According to Resonance Consultancy, 62% of millennial parents are traveling with kids below 5 years of age. You don't have to lug around heavy bags or wait in line for baggage claims. You're instead free to move around easily and flaunt your style around the airport and beyond.


Woman in red skirt in front of beautiful religious building

Bon Voyage!

Hopefully, these minimalist travel trips got your suitcase closed. Remember to use these as many times as you travel and work hard to avoid clutter. Only must-haves need to be in your suitcase or carry-on, anything else will be on your body or at home. 

Traveling lighter will make you feel softer and you’ll enjoy and cherish every moment. You can carry around your luggage around cafes, shops, and bars while you are exploring your destination or even at the airport. 

If you have delayed flights or changeovers, you can even grab your limited—and light—luggage and head out to explore the city or current location. 

So use these tips, and when you’re packed, grab your passport and fly off for your vacation. Bon voyage!


Author Michelle JoeAuthor Bio:

About Michelle Joe: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on TwitterLinkedInFacebook



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