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Cancun Beach

Yes, this is all about travel and vacations in Cancun.

Cancun is located in the southeast of Mexico, in the region known as the Yucatán Peninsula, which is part of the well-known Caribbean. It was founded in 1971 and has since grown into a modern and beautiful tourist destination with incredible scenery, hundreds of activities, and the characteristic hospitality of the Mexican people.

 When is the best time to travel to Cancun?

The best months to travel to Cancun are from January to May. This is because during this season the heat and humidity are not so intense. 

From June to November, the rainy and hurricane season begins, but we think it is important for you to know that most of the rains in Cancun are sporadic and usually end quickly. Hurricanes are detected several days in advance, thanks to this, the Civil Protection State Department, will issue safety measures that you will have to follow in case you have the misfortune of spending your vacation during a hurricane. If you follow the rules of the authorities, you will be safe. 

Some dates to keep in mind when planning your trip are:

  • March: Spring break season in Cancun.
  • April: Holy Week and Eastern
  • Late July to late August: Summer vacation.

Is Cancun safe to travel?

Like any city in Mexico, Cancun has good days and bad days. We can't say that it is a 100% safe destination, but you should know that it is a city of great tourist importance to the Government, which make great efforts to keep it a safe area for visitors.

Crime in Cancun is much more relaxed than in other areas, but that doesn't mean you should go around getting into trouble. To stay safe, follow these simple tips:

  • Always take authorized transportation.
  • Don't visit the urban area if you don't know the reputation of the neighborhoods.
  • Keep your important belongings in your hotel safe.
  • Do not get involved in shady business.

Cancun: 5 reasons why you can't miss Cancun.

Cancun Street

But what makes Cancun a destination you can't miss? There are countless reasons why you have to know it, that's why we have made an honest and updated summary in which we will present you the 5 reasons why you have to visit Cancun. 

     1. Beaches: Blue like a dream.

Cancun's beaches are beautiful. While they all share a beautiful turquoise color and fine white sand, each one has something that makes it unique in its kind. Some of the most outstanding beaches in Cancun are:

  • Delfines: Also known as Cancun's viewpoint, this is the favorite beach for locals to watch the sunrise and one of the most important sea turtle nesting sites in the city.
  • Chac Mool: This beach is known for its strong waves, ideal for surfing or bodyboarding. Also, being close to bars and nightclubs, it is a favorite of Spring Breakers.
  • Langosta: One of the most visited by locals thanks to its proximity to downtown. Its waters are calm and shallow, ideal for children and people who do not know how to swim very well.

    2. Nature. Where two (or more) worlds merge.

We already know that Cancun's most striking feature is its beautiful turquoise beaches and white sand, but when you visit this destination, you will realize that there is much more to it than that. Cancun has beaches, lagoons, jungles, mangroves, coral reefs, palm groves, and coastal dunes. It is home to iguanas, crustaceans, sea turtles, herons, parrots, and mammals such as monkeys, deer, and anteaters (which usually live far from urban areas).

Incredible as it may seem, when touring Cancun's hotel zone, some visitors don't realize that, the sea is on one side and the impressive Nichupte lagoon on the other. We can't blame them because the sea is too beautiful to look away. This is just one of the natural wonders you will find in this destination.

    3. Culture: A legacy of the ancient Maya.

Cancun began as a small village of fishermen who came from neighboring states. Today, it is a globalized destination inhabited by Mexicans from all over Mexico, local indigenous people, and foreigners from different countries. 

Since Cancun is young, much of its culture, cuisine, and identity are based on that of the neighboring state of Yucatán. This is because they share the same geographical area and history based on the Mayan culture and because of this, in Cancun, you will also find Mayan archeological sites and many references to this fascinating ancient culture.

    4. All Inclusive. Living the Caribbean fantasy.

Did you know that a little more than 50% of tourists visiting Cancun prefer the all-inclusive mode? With such beautiful beaches, most hotels on the coast offer all-inclusive plans to enjoy a complete vacation without leaving the resort.

The upside of All Inclusive in Cancun is that you only have to book, pay, and enjoy. The downside is that you won't be visiting local places or interacting with people outside your hotel, let's say you will be trapped in a tropical Caribbean fantasy (which is not a bad idea at all).

    5. Activities: Which experiences are best for tours in Cancun?

As you would expect from a world-class tourist destination like Cancun, you will find thousands of different activities to do. From adrenaline experiences with friends to relaxing moments as a couple. Just take a look at some attractions you can enjoy during your vacation in this fascinating destination.


The nights in Cancun are wild. You'll find all the action concentrated at the Party Center on Kukulcan Boulevard in the Hotel Zone. Enjoy a romantic evening by the lagoon, a high-energy show at Coco Bongo, or just go bar hopping through all the clubs, bars, and nightclubs in the area. The ideal experience for party lovers.


Cancun is surrounded by a beautiful jungle with a mystical reputation for its relationship to the Mayan culture. This wonderful natural resource has become a great attraction for nature lovers. From Cancun, you may take tours to different adventure parks in the Riviera Maya, where you can: tour the jungle in all-terrain vehicles, slide on a zip line from the top of the trees, jump from a bungee, and swim in a cenote.


Recently, this type of tourism has gained popularity worldwide and Cancun is no exception. Physical and emotional wellness treatments, such as spas and retreats, merge with the energies of the sea and the jungle.  In addition, Mexican activities such as Temazcal and Mayan ceremonies have been added to the range of options to take relaxation to another level.

Water activities

The reality is that you can't say you went on vacation to Cancun without having done at least one water activity in the beautiful blue sea. There are a lot of water activities you can do in Cancun, the most popular being snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, jet boat rides, kayaking, jet packing, paddleboarding, parasailing, jet surfing, and spinnaker.

Nautical activities

And since the sea is the true protagonist of this destination, sailing activities are a must. Fishing, boat tours, luxury yacht rentals, onboard events, and scenic tours are just a few examples of what you can do.

It's no wonder that sailing is one of the favorite activities for travelers vacationing in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. With such beautiful seas and amazing snorkeling and diving areas, embarking on a turquoise sea adventure is a wonderful option when visiting the Caribbean.

Cancun Sailing: Catamaran tours in Cancun.

Cancun Sailing is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the creation, operation, and commercialization of catamaran tours and experiences in the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking to rent a private boat or simply enjoy a tour of Isla Mujeres, this is your best option.

Cancun Sailing has a catalog with more than 40 catamarans for private charter, offering a wide range of possibilities from 9 to 100 passengers. Contact Cancun Sailing to reserve your favorite boat on the date of your choice. You can pick between a 4 or 7-hour morning service to enjoy the sun and the vibrant turquoise tones of the Caribbean or a romantic 4-hour sunset departure, a photo-worthy experience not to be missed.

Each catamaran rental includes an open bar, reef snorkeling, crew, host, and, of course, a high-quality service. It is also possible to choose amenities such as food on board, wine, DJ or live music, decoration, and round-trip transportation.

If you prefer a different option, you can select between 3 different  tours to Isla Mujeres, México, with daily departures.

  • Sailing Experience: The party tour aboard a catamaran. Sail from Cancun to Isla Mujeres while having a fun time in the Mexican Caribbean. Enjoy the open bar on board, a buffet at a beach club, and free time to explore Isla Mujeres.
  • Full Experience: The tour that includes everything. You will have more time to explore the island, food on board, and a wide variety of departure times to pick from.
  • Privilege Experience: The tour you deserve. Enjoy a relaxing ride to Isla Mujeres aboard a comfortable catamaran from Cancun Sailing's Privilege line, with a limited capacity and special amenities.

In addition, during the Cancun Sailing tours, you will do the following activities:

  • Snorkeling : You will enjoy some time to go snorkeling at a reef or site of interest. This activity includes BCD, fins, mask, and snorkel tube.
  • Spinnaker: Feel the adrenaline as you soar up to 5 meters above sea level on a swing propelled by the power of the wind (this activity depends on weather conditions).
  • Free time in Isla Mujeres: Visit the beautiful north beach or learn about the history of Punta Sur, which are the most popular sites on the island.

Cancun, the paradise on earth

Its unlimited lodging options range from luxurious 5-diamond hotel rooms to cozy beachfront bungalows. This makes Cancun a suitable destination for all types of travelers, whose only common condition must be a love for the sea, sun, and sand.

Don't think twice! Add Cancun to your next travel plan and enjoy all the activities, locations, and amenities that this beautiful tropical destination has to offer.

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