What to Do in Orlando (Besides the Theme Parks!)

The theme parks are undoubtedly the most famous part of Orlando, Florida. Everyone loves seeing the princesses, riding the roller coasters, and experiencing the magic. However, theme parks are also incredibly expensive. If you are planning on visiting Orlando, you may not be able to visit a theme park every day of your vacation. I often get the question, "What else is there to do in Orlando?" And my answer is always "so much!" I loved growing up in Orlando - spending the day on the lakes, going downtown, and experiencing the culture. If you are planning a trip to Orlando, it is worth it to add the following things to your agenda.


1. Paddleboarding on the Lakes

Paddleboarding is a lot of fun! It's a great work out and you get a tan. Whenever you feel hot, just jump in the water! You can take a tour of the lakes, see the beautiful houses, and experience nature. After a busy day at the theme parks, spending the day on the lake feels like a paradise. There are no crowds, it's inexpensive, and you can spend quality time with your loved ones. I highly recommend it!


2. Hit the Downtown

Wondering what to see in downtown Orlando? There are lots of restaurants, bars, clubs, and more. You can hear live music, visit a park, or check out a show. You won't want to miss the culture of downtown Orlando.


3. See a Basketball Game or Soccer Match

The Orlando Magic and the Orlando City Soccer Club are top-tier teams. It is so fun to attend the games and cheer on the teams. Even if you don't love sports, going to a game is always a fun outing. The atmosphere is energetic and lively. 

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