Top 10 Things to Do in Seattle

Seattle is an urban adventure surrounded by stunning natural beauty like the Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountain Range. It’s called the Emerald City because of the lush greenery surrounding the city all year long. There is so much to experience and discover in this incredible city. Seattle is the birthplace of many of America’s hottest trends (think grunge music, craft breweries, Starbucks, Amazon, and so much more). It is a cultural hotspot that influences and shapes the trends of the rest of the world. Are you ready to discover all that Seattle has to offer? Check out our list of top ten things to do in Seattle!


Take a Duck Tour

Discover the beauty, history, and culture of Seattle by starting your trip with a tour. Ride the Ducks of Seattle is the best city tour for seeing all the sights because it goes by both land and water. Their unique vehicles turn from a bus into a boat so you can see this incredible city from all angles. You’ll journey to the best spots and neighborhoods so you can learn where you want to go back and spend more time.


Pike’s Place Market

Pike’s Place Market is a HUGE district! There are 13 buildings with 6 distinct levels. This historic district spans nine-acres, making it the largest continually-running Farmers Market in the US. There is an assortment of amazing restaurants, hip cafes, organic food stalls, vintage clothing boutiques, the original Starbucks, and plenty of other unique shops. You can also watch the fisherman throw fish back and forth at the Pike Place Fish co. This is probably a spot you will want to visit multiple times on your trip!


Starbucks Reserve

Seattle is the birthplace of the original Starbucks, so it’s no wonder that it has become such an iconic part of the city. In 2014, Starbucks opened this unique roastery and tasting room, the Starbucks Reserve, just nine blocks from the original Pike Place Market store.   The Starbucks Reserve Roastery has been nicknamed the “Willy Wonka factory of coffee.” This is where are all the rare, small-lot Starbucks Reserve coffees are roasted and packaged before being sent all over the world. You can speak with a Starbucks master roaster, watch the roasting process, and enjoy their unique food and beverage menu.


Space Needle

The Space Needle is a beloved Seattle landmark that dates from the 1962 World’s Fair. “The Loupe” is the world’s first and only rotating glass floor. It lets you step out over the city and look straight down to the streets below you. The Skyrisers let you lean into the city with the tilting glass walls on the open-air deck. You can even dine on top of Seattle at the Atmos Café or the “360 Sunset at the Top,” which lets you experience 360-degree views of Seattle and Puget Sound while enjoying a Pacific Northwest wine flight and local bites. Enjoy the views of Seattle from 520 feet in the air! The city of Seattle will truly be right at your feet.


Seattle Central Library

The architecture and design of this library are absolutely stunning! The Seattle Central Library was actually voted as one of America’s Favorite Structures by the American Institute of Architects. There are so many open spaces and hallways with bright colors that make this library feel so inviting. Book worms will love exploring the 11 stories filled with over 1 million books. As you probably already know, Seattle rains a lot, so even if you’re not a book worm, a visit to this library will still be a fun trip during one of those rainy days.


Enjoy the Craft Beer Scene

Seattle is the cradle of North America’s craft brewing renaissance. In 1982, Redhook Brewlab opened in Seattle as one of the first craft breweries in the US. Today, Seattle is home to more than 60 craft breweries and this number is always growing. A visit to the Emerald City would be incomplete without exploring the micro-brewery community. The best way to experience Seattle's unique craft beer scene is on the Seattle Brewery Walking Tours with an experienced beer guide and Cicerone. The tour focuses on tasting and learning about the beer, the culture, and the history. You will come away with an increased appreciation for the brewer’s art and an enthusiasm for trying new and interesting beers.


Pioneer Square

Seattle’s founders settled in this area in 1852, making Pioneer Square the original neighborhood of Seattle. The architectural character is unique because of the original Romanesque Revival buildings built in the 1890s. Discover the depth and beauty of this neighborhood through the lively nightlife, delicious foodie destinations, and specialty boutiques.



Photo Credit: Seattle Mountain Bike Tours

Mountain Biking

Escape the city for a day and explore the stunning Cascade Mountain Range that surrounds Seattle. Breath in the smells of the fresh air and the lush green forest. Enjoy an exhilarating mountain biking ride that will take you all over the mountains. There are plenty of flat options for beginners as well as advanced options for experts, and every level in between. If that isn’t enough, you will also get to enjoy a delicious picnic lunch with one of the most gorgeous views in the entire Seattle area.


Seattle’s Great Wheel

Seattle’s Great Wheel is an icon of Pier 57 and the Seattle waterfront. If you want some of the best views over the Puget Sound, then step right up and board the Ferris wheel! The wheel’s gondolas are enclosed and have air-conditioning and heating so visitors can enjoy this ride all year round. Some of the gondolas have glass-bottomed floors, which makes dangling over the Puget Sound even more exciting. The gondolas seat up to 8, so there is plenty of room for your whole crew.


Discovery Park

Discovery Park is the largest park in Seattle and offers stunning views of the Puget Sound and Mt. Rainer. The park is kept as a natural habitat for wildlife, so it’s less groomed than other city parks. Discovery Park is known for its slightly wild appeal, with its natural, rocky shoreline, sand dunes, cliffs, wooded areas, and open meadows. It’s a great place for hiking, birdwatching, or spotting a harbor seal or California sea lion. You can hike out to the West Point Lighthouse for the most dramatic views.


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