10 Truly Unique Things To Do In Acapulco

Let us take you on a magical mystery tour of the best things to do in Acapulco.

You probably already know that Acapulco, Mexico is a haven for tourists looking to grab some sun. The postcard-perfect beaches and historical links to Hollywood’s brightest stars are enough of a pull to get anyone down to the country’s Pacific Coast.

However, while you might think you’re already aware of everything you need to know about Acapulco, there’s still plenty to see and do in this incredible region.

Many might love the idea of getting up to absolutely diddley when they’re away. But there are those whose thirst for adventure knows no bounds.

If that sounds oddly familiar, then you’ve come to the right blog. We want to tell you all about the best things to do in Acapulco. So, get that itinerary ready, here are our ten must-do’s in Acapulco:

1. La Quebrada

Marvel at the amazing cliff divers at La Quebrada. A perfect way to spend the day whether you like exploring when you’re away or just chilling and watching the world go by. Pull up a pew at the restaurant across from the rocky outcrop and watch the death-defying divers take the 100m-plus plunge from the cliff face into the shimmering Pacific Ocean below.

These daredevils need to time their jumps perfectly to coincide with the tide, ensuring they stay safe when they hit the surf and don’t get swept back on to craggy rocks.

La Quebrada is located in the north-western region, not far from Acapulco Historical Museum in Fort San Diego. So, if you fancy a change of scenery from the divers, you can make the short journey to the fort and find out more about Acapulco’s rich history too.

Diving in Acapulco

2. Roqueta Island

Roqueta Island or Isla La Roqueta is a holiday in itself. Located just off Acapulco, the craggy outcrop is only accessible by boat and promises a world of unforgettable adventure. From diving to hiking, and everything in-between, you’ll find something for every type of traveller here.

Wander down to the beach and head out on a glass-bottom boat ride where you’ll get an incredible perspective of the submarine geography. You’ll also be in the best place to spy some of the kaleidoscopic marine life which call the waters around the island home.

If you prefer to stay on dry land, and you don’t fancy increasing your pulse with an energetic hike, you could always take some time to yourself at one of the island’s restaurants. Although it looks rugged from the outside, La Roqueta has been relatively urbanised and now plays host to a number of stunning restaurants offering delicious fare from across the world. 

Beach in Acapulco

3. Icacos Beach

You can’t go far wrong in Acapulco when it comes to spending some time on the sand. The place is positively dripping with awesome beaches.

From its enviable position on the eastern end of the main strip, Playa Icacos delivers the most spectacular sunset views in Acapulco. It’s definitely worth a day trip out to lounge in the beautiful soft white sand or tumble around in the glistening azure Bay waters. After that, settle down to watch the spectacular sky come alive before your eyes.

Relax in Acapulco

4. Snorkelling tour

Speaking of tumbling around in the Bay waters, Acapulco has some incredibly clear conditions, and stunning marine life, making it perfect for snorkelling.

Speak to your resort about booking a place on a snorkelling tour and be taken out to some of the best spots in the region.

A tour will take you to all the best snorkel sites around La Roqueta island and costs around £35-£45 per person. For that you get hotel pick up and drop off, snacks and drinks while on board, and equipment rental too.

Snorkeling in Acapulco

5. Taxco

Known as the silver El Dorado, Taxco is a town built on the precious metal. Make the journey to the quaint old setting and discover a world of master craftsmen. In addition to the silver trade and craft stalls, you can also take in the Baroque majesty of Santa Prisca.

Built in the 1750’s the Church of Santa Prisca is a colonial monument which features an ornamental altarpiece depicting the Souls of Purgatory and a spectacular ribbed vault.

Taxco Acapulco

6. Chapel of Peace

A beautiful old place of worship, which was originally erected as a non-denominational chapel. From its lofty perch atop a large hill in the city, the Chapel of Peace also delivers showstopping views out over the Acapulco Bay.

We recommend heading up the hill for a tour and grabbing a couple of snaps for the timeline as a way of encouraging your well-travelled persona.

7. Tres Palos

If you prefer to get closer to natural Mexico on your visit to Acapulco, then Tres Palos is a must visit. An area to the southeast of central Acapulco, the locals in Tres Palos are constantly seeking out ways to live a more harmonious existence alongside nature.

Indulge in a soothing boat ride along the lagoon in this lush verdant paradise. Keep your eyes peeled along the water’s edge for a host of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Cove Acapulco

8. Lucha Libre show

A Lucha Libre show is a great way to see a slice of true Mexico within the more tourism centric Acapulco. While Lucha Libre is a wrestling show, you can forget about the pro-wrestling which has risen to popularity in America. Prepare for a dazzling display of acrobatics and rivalry.

Although the show is mainly in Spanish, you won’t find it too difficult to understand the storyline and rivalries which emerge throughout the display.

Most tours to the dynamic show will also feature a course of seafood or veggie tacos before you head to see the luchadores. What could be better than dinner and a show?!


9. Xtasea

Thrill seekers will love a day out at Xtasea. Home to the world’s longest zipline over the sea, at over 1,800m you’ll zoom out over Acapulco Bay at speeds of over 80mph.

But if you’re looking for something more family friendly, there’s also Xmonkey. An aerial assault course complete with ropes, swings, and climbing frames the whole family will love.

10. Zócalo

A great alternative option to spending another evening with your resort’s entertainment and all-inclusive bar (that is if you want an alternative option). Zócalo comes alive in the evening.

When the sun goes down the old town’s streets are awash with performers, mariachis, and street food. Make sure you take the chance to hit Zócalo at least once on your visit to Acapulco. Brimming with good vibes and unforgettable authentic experiences, it’s truly an unforgettable evening.

Fountain Acapulco

Find out more

Acapulco is full to brim of incredible things to do which will stay locked in your memory forever.

We’ve been looking at other areas of incredible South America to determine where else you can roam to immerse yourself in the culture, scenery, and heritage of this incredible continent.


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