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5 Unique Experiences to Enjoy While Visiting Spain

July 31, 2020 | Guest post by: Ray Blakney

Many life-long travelers that have been almost everywhere in the world, suggest that Spain is a unique country that should be in the top 10 on everyone’s bucket list. While many wonder why Spain might be so special, others do not hesitate to take the advice and experience Spain’s peculiar magic themselves.

Spain is a diverse country different from any other place you’ve visited before. The warm welcoming ambiance and laid-back lifestyle embrace every tourist, despite the type of vacation they have chosen. Most tourists visit Spain for the sun and beaches, others for the incredible cuisine or the famous historic sites, while adventurers seek for Spain’s unusual experiences. 

Spain offers several genuine experiences that foreigners enjoy. However, to be brave enough to discover the uniqueness of Spain you need to be prepared to stray away from the usual touristic route. As a foreigner in Spain, especially in some rural areas, you might want to know some basic Spanish. Taking Spanish lessons at Live Lingua is perfect for the purpose of communicating while traveling as you can take your tutor with you on the road, virtually of course. Well, dictionaries are so outdated. 

Once you’ve learned some basic Spanish to get you through the rough part of the journey, you are ready to make a good plan on which ones of the best Spanish experiences are perfect for your next adventure. Here are our suggestions. 


Take a Walk on an Unusually Scary Footpath

In southern Spain, in the province of Malaga, you will find el Caminito del Rey. Famous as the world’s scariest footpath, this walkway is hugging the walls of a steep gorge in El Chorro. It is 3 kilometers long route not recommended for the faint-hearted.

Those brave enough to take this interesting route will be rewarded with awesome views and adrenaline boost that will make the experience memorable. Although it was named the most dangerous walkway in the world, after an unfortunate event, Caminito del Rey is perfectly safe today and all about hanging bridges and lovely trails that open up to mesmerizing views. Adrenaline junkies and adventurous people shouldn’t miss this experience when visiting Spain.


Travel Internationally on a Zip Line

Sounds odd right? Of course it does, this is Spain. Many find it fun and adventurous to travel from Spain to Portugal on a zip-line. Jokes aside, this is a great experience.

The largest zip line in Europe is actually a cross border zip line and it is located in northern Spain. The town where you can take a zip line to Portugal is called Hoz de Jaca, Huesca. It is in the Valley of Tena, it measures 950 meters in length and runs over the river Guadiana before arriving in Portugal. There are two parallel zip lines, meaning you can literally fly from Spain to Portugal in a pair. If you are brave enough to do it, you will enjoy spectacular views over the river and the Búbal reservoir.



Watch a Flamenco Show

For travelers seeking catharsis in different artistic performances around the world, Flamenco is a must-see. This traditional Andalusian dance unites unique Spanish music, dance and passion in a beautiful and intense performance. It is the witnessing of the flamenco dance that makes a visit to Spain complete. 

The most authentic performances in the most authentical places can be seen in any town or city in Andalusia – Sevilla, Cordoba, Cadiz, Jaen.  The traditional style of Flamenco, true to its Andalusian roots is also known as Flamenco Peñas. It is filled with infectious passion and deep sentiments of the dancers and truly memorable.


Enjoy the Delicious Tapas 

In order to enjoy the most mouth-watering tapas in Spain, as in many other famous tourist destinations, you need to stray away from the main streets. Pintxos, the basque name for Tapas, is a meal that depending on the restaurant/bar is most-likely to be excellent to a mind-blowing one.

Tapas are combinations of different appetizers and small meals that might include cheese, meat, sauces, bruschettas, literally anything can be tapa or tapas if plural. Mainly, once you get in the restaurant and order tapas you will be offered many, so-to-say “appetizers”, that are combined and cooked by the chef’s preferences. In some parts of Spain tapas come free of charge with a drink, but mainly they are part of a menu.

If you want to enjoy an exceptional combination of tastes without anticipating any particular meal, you should find the most authentic restaurant and just call for some tapas. The variety and freshness of the meat, cheese and other ingredients, the combination of the sauces will send you to heaven. Many tourists suggest that the best tapas can be enjoyed in San Sebastian.


La Tomatina

Do you know what is happening in Spain every last Wednesday of August each year? In the Valencian town of Buñol, in the east of Spain, people gather on the streets and main square to engage in a tomato fight for entertainment purposes only!

It is as crazy as it sounds and many tourists enjoy taking a part in this harmless war with tomatoes popular as La Tomatina. The fight lasts for about an hour during which locals and tourists, together, unwind and enjoy the ridiculously thrilling experience. The festive atmosphere is a genuine representation of the lively spirit of the Spanish people. It is a truly unique event favorite to many foreigners that had the chance to experience the fight and enjoy the sites of tomato debris all around the main streets and over themselves. 


Yes, Spain is truly unique in every way!

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