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Travel Guide to Turkey 

Turkey is one of the most popular travel destinations for many vacationers. This country between East and West impresses in many ways: magnificent landscapes, rich culture and history, beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and Black Sea and the hospitality of the locals make Turkey unique. The culinary delights are also well-known beyond national borders and extremely popular with vacationers.

Turkey skyline with balloons

Arrival in Turkey

Depending on the departure and arrival area, the average distance to Turkey is 3,000 kilometers.

The plane is the main means of transport used to reach Turkey. This is probably the most convenient and fastest means of transportation. A particularly easy way to find cheap plane tickets is to use the Google Flights online search engine.

Many airlines fly to different destinations in Turkey every day. In addition to Istanbul and Ankara, Antalya is also one of the busiest destinations. From the point of view of vacationers, Antalya plays the most important role, because from there you can reach many vacation destinations in Turkey. The journey time for a direct flight is around 3 hours on average.


Entry Formalities

Entry into Turkey is generally easy for Europeans. For UK citizens in particular, you do not need a visa for stay of up to 90 days. Just be sure you have a valid passport or identity card, and that your documents will be valid until the end of the trip. 


Typical Characteristics of Turkey

In Turkey, hospitality is a top priority. However, there are a few rules to follow, especially in less touristy regions, in order to avoid unpleasant situations:

1. Women and men should not dress too revealingly. Shoulders and knees should always be covered, especially when visiting a mosque. In some mosques, women must wear a headscarf. Shoes, on the other hand, are always removed before entering.

2. Swimming topless is absolutely taboo. Nudist swimming is completely prohibited.

3. Acquiring and consuming alcohol is generally not a problem. Only in the interior of the country and in small villages can alcohol be treated with reserve.

4. You won't find pork on any menu.

5. Avoid discussing religion and politics with local people.

6. Many of us use the well-known hand sign for "OK": circle formed with the index finger and thumb. This sign should not be used in Turkey as it is considered obscene here.

7. Antiques as Souvenirs: No matter what the dealer tells you, antiques are not allowed to be exported. Be sure to check with customs what you can and cannot take with you. Particular caution is also required with stones that you take from a historic site.

8. Photography of military installations and people is strictly prohibited.


Climate & When to Visit Turkey: 

The weather in Turkey is just as varied as the landscapes. Turkey is a large country, the best times to go will depend on the region you wish to visit. Therefore, here we will focus on the most popular vacation areas.

You can have a beach vacation on the  Turkish Riviera  from April to the end of October. However, in July and August, temperatures in this region sometimes exceed 40 degrees. Spring and autumn are therefore the best seasons for a stay on the Turkish Riviera. 

It's a little cooler in the middle of summer on the Turkish Aegean SeaNote that this region empties of tourists at the end of September and many hotels close for the winter.

For a vacation on the  Black Sea coast , it is better to choose the summer months, since spring and autumn are very rainy there.

The climate of  Turkey inland and in Cappadocia  is characterized by strong climatic differences. In winter, it is freezing cold, while in the middle of summer it is extremely hot. Spring and fall are also the best seasons to travel there.

The winter months in Istanbul are generally marked by wet and cold conditions. 


See below for the best periods by region:

  • Turkish Riviera: April to end of October
  • Turkish Aegean: May to September
  • Black Sea Coast: June to September
  • Interior and Cappadocia: Spring and Autumn
  • Istanbul: May, June, September, October


Currency of Turkey 

The currency in Turkey is the Turkish lira. 1 pound is currently equivalent to approximately 33.25 Turkish liras (as of October 2023). It is advisable to convert your pounds to euros upon arrival and always carry euros with you as a tourist. The Euro is welcome everywhere in Turkey, and both currencies (euro and lira) are generally accepted. In most stores, goods are now even sold in euros. However, to get a good deal, the lira remains the best currency. In Turkey, you can negotiate prices in stores, and you must dare to do so.  


Cities of Turkey

Turkish tram

Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in Turkey. Every year, more than 11 million tourists come to the Bosphorus metropolis to be enchanted by the city's unique atmosphere. But the capital Ankara and the coastal city of Izmir also attract many visitors every year. 

If you want to see and experience as much of Turkey as possible in a short time, traveling back and forth across the country is a good idea. The most visited places are:

Myra:  The ancient city of Myra is known as the birthplace of Nicholas of Myra and is therefore also a place of pilgrimage. The rock tombs here make for a breathtaking picture.

Ephesus:  The ruined city of Ephesus is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world. It is one of the oldest and most important ancient cities in Turkey and excavations have been going on for almost a century. The ancient city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Pamukkale:  The limestone hot springs of Pamukkale will be a highlight of your trip to Turkey. The hot springs have been used as a "spa" since the 2nd century BC. Due to the very hard water, step-shaped deposits and natural pools have formed over the millennia.

Cappadocia:  The rock formations and so-called fairy chimneys of central Anatolia are among the most popular travel destinations in Turkey. The best way to marvel at the fascinating world here is to take a hot air balloon ride.


Beach Vacations in Turkey

turkish port

Turkey vacation packages are particularly popular with vacationers. Many resorts and hotels offer particularly cheap all-inclusive stays. Well-known vacation destinations in Türkiye include the following below.  

  • Beach resorts on the Turkish Riviera:

Antalya, Alanya, Beldebi, Belek, Lara, Kemer, Manavgat, Side, Tekirova

  • Turkish Aegean Resorts:

Bodrum, Cesme, Fethiye, KuŸadası, Marmaris, Ölüdeniz, Sarigerme

  • Resorts on the Black Sea Coast:

Amasra, Sile


Enjoy your trip in Turkey and happy travelling! 

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