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Top Things to Do in Gozo

Gozo is Malta’s second largest island and offers a staggering variety of things to do for small island. It has some of the country’s most significant historical monuments, a great choice of outdoor adventure activities and beautiful red sand beaches for a spot of relaxation. It is the place to head if you are looking for a mixed holiday with beautiful scenery and weather to match!

Below we will show you some of our favourite things to do in Gozo and help you start planning your trip on this gem of the Med.

Things to do in Gozo Malta

Driving tours

Gozo is a beautiful rural island offering wonderful sea and country views, making a driving tour with a local expert one of the best ways to explore it. With Yippee Malta you get to experience Gozo in a truly unique way, not in a car or a bus, but in a tuk-tuk, a go-car or an eJeep!

This is a fun and exciting way to discover both the main gems Gozo has to offer, as well as its less well-known hidden corners. Yippee guides will ensure that you are fully informed and give you the chance to join a Lunch like a Local experience and even an extra trip to Malta’s smallest island, Comino.

These vehicles are eco-friendly and you get to drive the go-cars and eJeeps yourself (you will need a driving license). You can enjoy your driving excursion guilt free with this wonderful company. Yippee offers unforgettable experiences that allow you a touch of adventure in some of Malta’s most beautiful spots!

Take a driving tour of Gozo


Explore Victoria/Rabat

Gozo’s capital located in the centre of the island is an ancient place of habitation centred around its impressive Citadella. This fortified city is a fascinating place to explore. You can wander is winding, cobbled streets and absorb the historical atmosphere as you make your way along the ramparts and appreciate the wonderful views over the surrounding countryside.

There are a number of museums you can enjoy while you are in Victoria, or Rabat as it is called in Maltese. The Museum of Archaeology is definitely worth a visit to find out about all the island’s inhabitants from the ancient neo-lithic temple builders to the Knights of St. John. You can also visit the Folklore museum to find out about local culture, the Nature museum for insights into local flora and fauna and the Old Prison museum where you can inspect the cells.

A trip to Victoria/Rabat would also not be complete without visiting its spectacular Cathedral of the Assumption. This baroque gem can be visited for a small fee and it is well worth its to appreciate its elaborate interior and accompanying museum.

Visit Rabat on Gozo


Dive the Blue Hole

If you are looking for more of an adventure during your time on Gozo, then why not take a dive in one of its fabulous dive spots. The Blue Hole is one of the island’s most memorable spots. You can dive through this chimney or tunnel and swim several metres before reaching the sea! There is even a cave to explore and it is a dive accessible for most levels.

Other places to consider are Crocodile Rock where you can see some of the island’s marine life, including groupers, tuna and barracudas. Fungus Rock, so called due to a fungus with healing properties that was found there, is also a beautiful place to dive for wonderful undersea landscapes. If you are a bit more experienced, you can also dive at the wreck of the MV Karwela or Fessej Rock.

Make sure that you dive with a local guide for your own safety and for the best experiences!

Go diving in Gozo


Visit Ta’Pinu Basilica

If you are looking for breathtaking scenery on Gozo, then make sure not to miss Ta’Pinu Basilica. This gorgeous church looks as if it has been randomly dropped from the sky, as it dominates the countryside around it where there are few other buildings. From here you can enjoy some wonderful views over the countryside and Dwejra Bay.

The church was built in the early 20th century after a local woman praying in the chapel (now located behind the church) was spoken to by the Virgin Mary. After she heard the voice there were many miracles in the local area and the church has been visited by both Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

The building is a stunning sight. It is adorned with mosaics, statues, stained glass and is constructed from a glowing golden stone. It is a great spot for a memorable picture of Malta!

Explore Ta'Pinu Basilica on Gozo


Discover the Ggantija Temples

Long before the arrival of the descendants of Malta’s current inhabitants, the island was home to a fascinating ancient civilisation. These people lived during the Neo-lithic period and mysteriously disappeared, possibly after drought or another natural disaster made life on the islands unsustainable.

They left behind them some very impressive monuments and some of the most interesting can be found on Gozo. Ggantija megalithic temple complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located near Victoria to the east and is a striking sight. Huge blocks of stone have been used to construct the temples with some weighing as much as 5 tons! This has led to local legends that the temples were constructed by giants during the island’s mythical past.

Ggantija is the largest temple complex in Malta and it offers a great insight into the nation’s varied history. There is also a small museum at the sight where you can learn more about the complex and the people who built it.

Visit Gozo's Impressive Temples


So there you have it, some top things to do on Gozo, Malta. It is a gorgeous island with a lot to offer, much which it was impossible to mention here! There is plenty more to be discovered from a host of water sports to relaxing red sand beaches. Visit Gozo and be a fan for life!

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