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Top 5 Reasons to Spend your Holiday in Majorca


If you are wondering where to spend your next holiday, a great option is Majorca. A beautiful, sunny island with lots of adventurous things to do makes it an excellent location to visit and enjoy your well-deserved time off. If you are thinking that Majorca isn’t the right place for you, then check out the list below of the top 5 reasons to spend your Holiday in Majorca and discover that a trip to this beautiful island will be unforgettable.


1.) Relaxing on the Beach

One of the things that Majorca is known for is its spectacular beaches. The beautiful coastline of Majorca and the crystal clear Mediterranean water make this island such a popular destination. If swimming in the ocean is one of your main reasons for visiting Majorca, then the best time to go would be between July-September, which is when the day are sunniest and the water is the warmest.

While there are hundreds of beaches, the most recommended ones are Cala Agulla, Cala Pi, Sant Elm, C’an Pastilla, Playa de Canyamel, Cala Millor and Cala Mesquida. Each beach is unique and each have something different to offer such as local stores for shopping in the surrounding area, different levels of crowdedness, how easy they are to find and which ones are better for families. The Majorca coastline also has countless coves and caves to explore as well that provide an added adventure that will spice up your beach vacation. As you can see, Majorca is an excellent place to go if you are interested in swimming in gorgeous water, sun tanning on the sand, or simply having a drink with a view.

Beach Majorca


2.) Countless Outdoor Activities

Majorca not only has a beautiful coastline, but it also has amazing topography filled with limestone rocks, steep mountains, and a luscious countryside. This makes Majorca an excellent place for outdoor activities and adventures for those of you who like to get some exercise while you are on holiday. Below is a list of the best active experiences that you can have on the island. 


If you love hiking, then Majorca is the perfect place to go. In fact, a third of the island is actually made up of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains that are a continuation of the Beltic mountain range on the mainland of Spain. This mountain range is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is absolutely breath-taking. Offering countless different hiking options and peaks to reach, each one shows you a different view of the stunning landscape on the island of Majorca.

If you are interested in hiking, then you may be interested in trying out climbing! Majorca is an excellent spot for climbers as all the rocks are made of limestone, as mentioned earlier. This makes the rock more stable as it is less prone to erosion. So if you are up for trying something new, then climbing is a great activity to try when visiting Majorca.

Mountain Majorca


Much of the land on Majorca, from the countryside, to the coast, is flat. This makes it the perfect location for anyone who loves to explore a new place by hopping on a bicycle. Exploring the inland cities and the amazing coastal scenery by bike is highly recommended. On a bike, you can see more than you would by foot and you will feel the air on your skin which would not be possible if you travelled these routes by car.

Another possibility for the exploring the landscape on Majorca up-close is by going horseback riding. This is a very popular activity on the island for travellers as you can connect with both animals and nature all at the same time.

Water Sports

As you might have expected, there are many different water activities and sports to try during your stay in Majorca. Some of the most popular ones are kitesurfing, snorkelling, jet skiing, surfing and kayaking. If there is a particular one not listed that you have in mind, they most likely have somewhere for you to try it out on the island! If you want to just relax then you can always hop on a boat that will take you on a tour of the island with the option to swim of the coast.

As you can see, there are tons of activities on the island of Majorca to keep you busy and entertained for the entire duration of your stay.


3.) Great Places to Stay

Majorca is known for its amazing hotels and resorts that make sure your holiday is as relaxing as possible. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, then you can find the best deals for your stay in Majorca with Voyage Privé. Providing exclusive offers to the best hand-picked resorts in Majorca, its guaranteed that you will find a luxurious accommodation without breaking the bank.



4.) Spectacular Architectural Landmarks

Majorca was founded in 123BC and has a long and complex history that we will not delve into in this post. As any place that has been around for that long, Majorca is home to various historical sites with astounding architectural design and beauty.

First of all, there are many museums and monuments that are definitely worth the visit. Some of the most spectacular are the beautiful church, Cathedral de Mallorca, the Real Cartuja de Valldemossa, which is the famous monastery that Frederic Chopin stayed at, and the Museu de Mallorca.

In addition, there are countless castles in Majorca that are definitely worth checking out.  In addition, there are so many different gardens full of the wonderful and diverse plant species that are commonly found in the Mediterranean.

Church Majorca


5.) An Upbeat Nightlife

Lastly, Majorca is especially known for its unbeatable nightlife. You can find countless bars and nightclubs where you can dance until the early hours of the morning, drink tropical island drinks and experience the popular traditional music that is always playing for your entertainment.
Many people come to this island take their party life up a notch since most bars have ocean views that will have you feeling more relaxed than ever before. In addition, many of these bars and the restaurants next-door to them offer traditional tapas and other cultural dishes until the late hours of the night. So, if you are looking to have a fun, outgoing holiday trip where you get to meet other travellers and try some new foods or drinks, then this is definitely the place for you.

I think that it’s safe to say that Majorca is a perfect location for a holiday. You can find pretty much anything you could possibly want such as sun bathing, climbing beautiful mountains, taking a boat ride, or witnessing the beautiful architecture of the historic castles that are prevalent across the island. Hopefully you realize that you can have the time of your life in Majorca and decide that this destination is the one for you. Wishing you safe and happy travels on your next trip!



Now that you have more than enough reason to spend your next holliday in Mallorca, you can start planning your next adventure! 

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