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Top 5 Activities on the Norfolk Coast

July 7th, 2020 | Alexandra Koukidou

The Norfolk coast stretching for over 90 miles, is rightly one of UK’s top picks for summer holidays. The coast is divided into three regions; East, West, and North Norfolk. All three of these areas are quite popular for their unspoilt sandy beaches, while the county of Norfolk is proud to be one of the driest in the UK. A good start for a summer holiday destination! From rock-pooling, beachcombing, sailing, fishing, to kitesurfing and harbor cruising, Norfolk is all about fun outdoor activities. If you are heading to West Norfolk, you will be stunned by the magnificent countryside, the dense forestland, and the gorgeous beaches.

Most visitors come to this part of Britain to enjoy a good time in the water. If you are into watersports, then you should add to your UK travel bucket list Hunstanton, locally known Hunston, in West Norfolk. Although situated on the East coast, Hunstanton is facing the West, offering some spectacular sunset views over its stripped cliffs. The climate there is just perfect for all kinds of watersports, and you will find the best of the best to teach you how to tame the waves.

Try out kitesurfing in Norfolk

#1 Kitesurfing

The UK, in general, has one of the most vibrant kitesurfing scenes, with plenty of choices across the country. Luckily, Norfolk has five ideal locations, all in West and North Norfolk. The southwest and north wind directions create great conditions at low tide, but even at high tide, you can drive a little northward to Old Hunstanton, which is more protected from strong waves. Harness the power of the with the expert help of Hunstanton Watersports, an accredited British Kitesports School, and one of the best in the country. There are courses for every skill level that include practical and theoretical knowledge, such as wind-window, weather, tide, and proper use of equipment.

If you are new to the world of kitesurfing, take the one-day beginners course that will grant you access to kitesurfing level 2 course. It's good to know that the minimum age to participate in the course is 16. For enthusiasts who want to move a step forward, a three-day course is also available. In these three days, you will learn all the basics and gain the confidence to kitesurf independently. All equipment is included in the price, but even if you just purchased your own and need some help setting it up, book the 1:1 private tuition. 

Paddleboarding in Norfolk

#2 Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding or Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is not only a fun activity but also a perfect full-body exercise as your core, arms, legs, and abdominal muscles work together to propel the paddleboard. It’s not a coincidence that SUP has gained many fans all over the world in recent years. Adults and children of every age can enjoy a paddleboard experience in Norfolk. However, before getting too excited, you should first make sure that you practice the sport safely. One of the best ways to ensure learn the right skills to handle a SUP board safely is to take advice from expert in the field. With our friends over at Hunstanton Watersports, tutors can teach you paddling techniques, self-rescue, and how to safely fall on the board. Experienced paddleboarders can rent equipment per hour or per day(s) and hit the waves to enjoy the scenic Norfolk beaches.

Windsurfing in Norfolk

#3 Windsurfing

From the surf culture of California to the Norfolk coast, windsurfing is one of the all-time top choices for watersports fans. The favourable winds of the area attract many windsurfers who can not get enough of the fantastic waves. The shallow and tranquil conditions in Norfolk are tailored to beginners and intermediate surfers of all ages. In less than three hours, you can learn how to stand on and turn the board, sail across the wind, and perform launch and land on the water. Even if it is a bit too much for you, windsurfing is an exciting sport to watch, so set yourself up on the beach and watch the pros at work. Weather conditions may not always be suitable for windsurfing, so make sure you check the forecast before booking a training lesson!

Power kiting in Norfolk

#4 Powerkiting

Powerkiting is as exhilarating as it sounds and not for the faint of heart. It is best practiced with a local expert as you need to know how to assess the suitability of a site, the different zones of the wind-window, and how to control your body movements to launch and land back on the ground. With the right winds and guidance from skilled teachers, you will be able to fly with the kite in no time.Lessons with Hunstantn Watersports last three hours and all equipment is provided for you. All you need to bring with you is an appetite for a new and fun experience!

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads

#5 Boat Ride

If you fancy something a bit more laid-back then opt for a relaxed boat ride in beautiful surroundings. The Norfolk Coast has been recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and visitors can also explore Norfolk's unique man-made naviagable waterways the Norfolk Broads. You can hire a boat for a day or let a boat crew drive and give you a tour of the picturesque Broads. Of course, there is the more budget-friendly choice of boat trips for tourists. A boat trip is a great option for families and nature lovers as the trips out to sea will take you to past the local seal colony! During the summer the coast gets pretty busy with sailors, boats, wherries, and yachts and it is great fun to watch them go by from the beach. Just set up your deckchair and sit back and relax watching the world go by.

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