Top 10 Museums in London for Kids


There are a lot of museums in London that you can take your kids to for some exhibitions. They probably spend most of their time behind the TV set or a smartphone. It wouldn’t hurt to take them to see something different and give them an avenue to learn new things. Thankfully, most of the museums in London offer fun and interactive activities for kids, and there are many activities for the children to do, all for a free entry.

Check out the top 10 museums in London for kids.

  1. The Imperial War Museum

This museum has gone through a refit in recent years, but the center of attention here is still the Central Hall. This hall is a repository of numerous artifacts, including tanks, guns, and aircraft, some of which were used in the war, not to mention the argentine operating table and Iraq’s snatch land rover. Even though it’s already expansive, the WWI gallery was expanded, leading to the displays from WWII.

  1. National History Museum

The National History Museum was opened in 1881 and served the dual purpose of a museum and a research institution. One thing that will catch the kids’ attention is the large Dinosaur that has been in the Hintze Hall since 1905. The west wing is where they are going to see several T rexes and other animatronic dinosaurs.

  1. The London Transport Museum

This museum is located in Covent Garden and often hosts events and exhibitions which connect transportation with London’s history. You'll find the first Tube train in the world, with over 80 vehicles (which includes a red London bus). There are a lot of exhibits that children can watch and play on. This museum is free for all persons under 18 years.

  1. The British Museum

This is an exciting museum for kids, with the 62nd and 63rd rooms of Roxie Walker galleries being the kids’ peak location. You will find numerous Egyptian mummies here, which will likely have you spell-bound. There are several free family events which you are going to like in this museum as well. Professional essay writers at the Paul Hamlyn Library handling booklets to help the kids enjoy their time at the museum.

  1. National Maritime Museum

Your kids will have more to thank you for if you take them to the National Maritime Museum. This is because of a host of other young minds to engage with. Children under the age of seven have the AHOY, and older kids have other things to deal with.

  1. Science Museum

Your kid will enjoy this museum more if they love science. They are also going to have a swell time handling the different simulators, games, and exhibits. There’s also the Launchpad, which crowns all of this museum’s excitement with 50 hands-on experiments and exhibits for the kids. This will allow them to take different dizzying turns at the rotation station or create a rainbow.

  1. Bank of England Museum

This museum is housed inside the Bank of England and can easily take you through the bank’s history since it was founded in 1694 till this point. You will find gold bars that date back to ancient times and even modern times. There are also collections of banknotes and items like muskets and pikes used to protect the bank.

  1. Horniman Museum

This is an anthropological museum and happens to be a very child-friendly museum. The Horniman Museum has a lot of extensive facilities that cater to children and families. There are weekend workshops, a nature trail, and a Hands-on Base that allows the kids to touch objects in the museum. This 16 acres facility also includes an aquarium and a natural base that explores nature with exhibits such as the Horniman Museum Beehive.

  1. V&A Museum of Childhood

A lot of work was put into this museum to make it children-friendly. If there is one museum that was custom-made for kids in London, it is this one. There are so many toys and play items for kids. Each area has its activity stations with a sandpit, stickle bricks, Lego, rocking horses, board games, and many other treats for the kids. This museum also organizes events for kids during school holidays and weekends.

  1. National Army Museum

This is a free-to-visit museum that was utterly transformed and reopened in 2017. This museum’s focus is now on kids of different ages, as the beautiful displays in it suggest.

There are different engaging and interactive experiences that these kids will enjoy. They could take up the Normandy mission experience in WWII, command the battle, man the guns, or get behind the wheel of a tank. This is undoubtedly going to be an immersing experience for the kids.


There are a lot of locations that you can take your kids for a delightful experience. These museums rank as some of the best places for kids to have a day out.


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