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Top 5 Things to Do in Fiji

June 3, 2020 | Guest Post by Ellyse Perry


Hammock on the beach overlooking the ocean in Fiji

Fiji is an archipelago consisting of 332 islands, only a third of which are inhabited. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, 1.7 thousand kilometers north of New Zealand. The islands are world-famous for the luxury resorts, sandy coastline, and magnificent views of the ocean. Fiji has a lot to offer travelers, from its alluring culture to the authentic tastes of Fiji's cuisine. Picturesque mountain rivers will delight lovers of rafting and kayaking, and with its rich flora and fauna and tribal culture, Fiji offers its visitors many unique and exciting experiences. What else can make your trip to Fiji more adventurous? Let's have a look at the following things you can do during a Fiji vacation.


#1 Enjoy Breathtaking Views of the Ocean

If you like breathtaking views of the ocean but not ready to swim or get wet, then there is always an optimal solution to explore this beauty. By hiring a boat, you can enjoy the magnificent scene by roaming around a secluded beach.  An adventure charter of deep-sea fishing from Nadi or a more relaxed day excursion around The island on a 15-meter sailing yacht will appeal to you. In any case, there are many options and ideas for your perfect swimming. Fiji has some of the most charming and pristine beaches in the world. This mini white paradise is the perfect place to get a great tan, go for a walk with a partner or go for a swim! Just hit the SPF and spend some time basking on any of its many white shores until the sunsets.


#2 Explore the Depths and Reefs

With bewitching reefs, snow-white beaches, and numerous forest landscapes, Fiji has no shortage of pristine tropical islands and entertainment. So, are you ready to plunge? The turquoise tropical waters surrounding Fiji are attractive for some vacationers, which is the main goal to visit Fiji. The easiest way is to put on your snorkel, mask, and flippers and then explore some of the best coral reefs in the Pacific. 

In fact, the Cakaulevu Reef is also known as the Fiji Barrier Reef, which is the third-longest continuous coral reef in the world (200 km / 120 miles long) and supports many species of life. 

Parrotfish may be hiding around the Fiji coral in search of breakfast and many other exotic underwater inhabitants. It will also be very interesting for you to watch the local fisherman on the hunt. There are more than enough snorkeling tours to choose from if you stay on the coast. Some operators offer snorkeling among reef sharks in open water and even without cages. 


#3 Go for Hiking Trails

The lower Navus River is a good starting point for tourists in the Pacific harbor / Navua area but it is best to go with a local guide who knows where the trails and on hot days have swimming spots. More specific and thoughtful walking routes are located in natural parks like Sigatoka National Park and the sand dunes of Viti Levu. 

These are Fiji's first nationally declared and protected nature sites. Two marked routes will give you a view of the dunes about 200 feet high. The National Heritage Park on Taveuni Island has several hiking trails leading through the jungle to waterfalls. 

Koroyanitu Heritage National Park has hiking tracks around Mount Batilamu, which is an adventurous tracking spot for every traveler. For a more leisurely stroll, visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, an impressive botanical complex with easily accessible walkways. 


#4 Conquer the Rapids

If active sport is your everything, then nothing will add to your adrenaline like water rafting. You do not need to go to the very heart of the Pacific Ocean for passionate and wild adventures. On the main island of Viti Levu, the Navua River flows from Mount Gordon and the southern mountains through gores and rainforests that flow into the southern coast. 

Upper Navua is an ideal place for an exciting day trip along with the thresholds of the fourth class and a vivid adventure regardless of water level. Various first-class adventures will provide you with an unforgettable experience on the water. 


#5 Kava Ceremony

When you enter any hotel or restaurant, the Fijian people will offer you Kava to greet you. If you want to run away in the winter, then Fiji is what you need. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy all the business in Fiji on the main island of Viti Levu. 

When traveling to Fiji, you must attend the traditional Kava ceremony. When visiting any village in Fiji, it is customary to give Kava. The root is chopped and pulled through the fabric into a large wooden bowl. Kava is a weak drug, so you will feel slight numbness in your tongue. This will make you feel more relaxed. 


Bottom Line

Fiji is one of the famous places for everyone, which provides thrilling experiences. You can spend your vacation on the island to make it stunning. The amazing options of hotel packages in Fiji are always ready with stunning offers and discounts. So, spend one whole week on the island and make your vacation more memorable. If you are planning a vacation on Fiji, then you can also consider some equally wonderful options to explore this island.    

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