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4 Things to Know When Visiting Switzerland

August, 3, 2020 | Guest post by: Bojan Peic Gavran

When talking about prime traveling destinations, we must prioritize Switzerland. In the last couple of years, Swiss represents an ideal location for both travel enthusiasts and business-driven people. Why?

This country unifies diverse cultures, miraculous nature, and probably the highest quality of life.

The Swiss Confederation is a federal country divided into 26 cantons. Every canton holds a different setting, language, and even a separate law system—an ideal environment for those looking for an extraordinary, unconventional, and beautiful place to visit.

For first time visitors, we created this guide to inform you of the most important things regarding this unique country.


Switzerland countryside

1.Nature-loving background

When discussing Switzerland, nature is a prime asset and the first association for most people when talking about this country. Mountain tops, magnificent glaciers, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls make up one of the most visited natural scenery in the world.


The Matterhorn

Matterhorn in Switzerland, Mont Servin in France, and Monte Cervino in Italy are all names for one of the most famous mountains in the world. One of the most famous mountains considering the Alps, stationed between Italy and Switzerland, is located about 10km from the settlement Zermatt in the Swiss.

If you plan on climbing, keep in mind that it is far easier to reach the top in Switzerland than in Italy and don't forget that snow can make this climbing location very dangerous. The name Matterhorn ( Mons Silvius) when divided into "matte"-meadow and "horn" meaning peak. The literal translation would be meadow pick, which is not strange since the aesthetics of this mountain remind a crooked tooth, but the most common interpretation is a peak in the meadows.


Lake Zurich and Limmat River

One of the most beautiful and widely famous lakes is Zurich Lake. The view here is unordinary, the scenery is almost magical, and it is full of tourists in every season. 

Fun fact considering this lake is that the water is so clean that some drink from it to see for themselves whether this statement is true or not (it is!). Swimming is allowed if not welcome. Whether you like water sports or just want to enjoy and relax on the shore, don't forget to visit Lake Zurich.

The Limmat River springs from the Zurich Lake. If you are already planning on visiting the lake, seize the opportunity and get on a tour boat. Most of the routes offer sightseeing of the lake and Zurich itself (especially Old Town).



2. Diverse Culture

As mentioned before, Switzerland is a land of many nations, races, and languages. From 2015 specific trends have been noticed in their policy towards immigrants and vulnerable national minorities. Multiculturalism is one of the main characteristics alongside multiple national languages, including German, Italian, French, and Romansh. 

This is no accident because Switzerland is located at the crossroad of most prominent cultures in Europe. German is the most widely spoken language due to its largest population (almost 65%). It is an official language in 17 cantons. French is different since it is spoken mainly in cantons Geneve, Vaud, Jura, and Neuchatel. Some regions (cantons) are even bilingual, speaking both German and French. 

Italian is most represented in the southern parts, close to Italy, while Romansh is a semi-official language, only spoken by approximately 60000 people. These parameters, as far as language is concerned, are not strict, meaning they are used in and outside of these cantons, depending on daily migrations, nations of tourists, and personal preferences. English speakers should know that most of the Swiss understand, but not all know or want to speak. Usually, the younger population will be happy to communicate with you in any language, while older citizens prefer their own.



3. Banks and money trees

Not all travel destinations can unite business and pleasure. Mostly, countries that possess vast tourist potential don't offer many business opportunities. Well, this is not the case when talking about Switzerland. Swiss banks are known worldwide for their professionalism, secrecy, low levels of financial uncertainty, and high capital and deposit requirements. Swiss law ensures that these mentioned characteristics are permanent, which is why many entrepreneurs do business here. The Swiss banks will never give out information or even ask for details regarding your own money, even on the most potent global institutions' requests. These banks are one of the most liquid institutions globally and do not get involved with commercial programs. The best indicator is probably the neutrality Swiss is famous for since they don't take part in armed conflicts for centuries and promote peace.

The Swiss franc is one of the most stable currencies in the world- a reason why in 2008 ( when one of the biggest modern economic crises occurred) tons of businessmen and wealthy individuals stacked their money here. Switzerland's flexible and robust economy and fiscal policy have been going strong for ages, and it seems that this trend won't be interrupted.


Lake Zurich

4. Business venues 

Besides travelers and tourists, Swiss is often visited by a bunch of business-driven people and entrepreneurs coming from all parts over the world. Switzerland is principally unaffected by the European business climate, making it an ideal soil for innovative business ideas and large deposits. Studies show that Switzerland is one of the most favorable non-European markets globally.


Important Things to Know:

The Swiss are different from the rest of the world when doing business. They appreciate the formal dressing code and non-private conversations. Keep it strictly work-related, and don't ask personal questions or tell inconvenient jokes. In fact, don't make jokes at all. They will usually meet you at lunch or dinner, never breakfast. Formality, strict outlining, punctuality, and responsibility are a must, so don't be late. They are not warm and friendly people as they appreciate distance more than most Europeans. 

As mentioned before, Swiss do believe that suit makes a man. With that in mind, highlight your appearance and image. Since punctuality is a must and can get tricky to get from the airport to the business venue in time, consider renting a limousine service in Switzerland. Efficient service, professional chauffeurs and luxury esthetics will undoubtedly accentuate your image, personality and ensure you travel in style

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