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Travel Guide to Slovenia

Last updated: July 2020

Located in Eastern Europe, magical and photogenic Slovenia is no longer a hidden gem, as millions of tourists flock to this small country of 2 million people. It’s fascinating how such a tiny country is so full of contrasts in climate and landscape. In Slovenia you can experience sub-Mediterranean but also alpine temperatures. Υou can take a dip in the clear waters of Lake Bled or the Adriatic coast or go rafting in Bovec and Soča rivers or skiing in some of the cheapest ski resorts in Europe. Do we have your attention? Continue reading and discover plenty unforgettable activities in this fairytale land.

Locals suggest that seven to eight days are almost enough to explore every aspect of their homeland. But, even a quick weekend excursion will allow you to unveil the beauty of this place. Cheap flights will convince you to immediately book your next trip to Slovenia.

Discover the Beauty of Slovenia

What to do in Slovenia

Slovenia doesn’t have the metropolitan and cosmopolitan spirit of neighboring Austria and Italy. But it has many other advantages. One of the greener, if not the greenest, European countries, Slovenia, is an open playground for outdoor activities. You may be wondering when is the best time to visit Slovenia. Well, there’s no general agreement on the topic, as the country is an all-year-round destination. It depends on when you’re visiting. For instance, during the busy summer period, most tourists head to the Adriatic coastal town of Piran, on the southwest tip of the country. But if you are there during snowy winter, then put on your ski boots and equipment and get in on the fun in a ski resort. No matter when you’re coming to Slovenia, you can’t miss the underground world of stalagmites and stalactites in Postojna Cave. Škocjan Caves, the UNESCO natural and cultural world heritage site, is one of the four biggest underground canyons in the world. You will be awe-struck by the natural landscape and the spectacular waterfalls that cascade down the rocky leafy mountains.

Top Things to Do in Slovenia - Skocjan Caves

Best places to visit in Slovenia

Having won the National Geographic’s 2017 World Legacy award, Slovenia is not only an environment-friendly and sustainable nation but also one of the safest countries in the world. It was hard for us to narrow down the list to these five choices, as truthfully, there are plenty of worth-visiting places.

Ljubljana: The first stop for every traveller should be the capital city. This will probably be your point of entry in the country if you come by plane. Bosky and colourful Ljubljana is to fall in love with. The city centre is a car-free zone giving priority to cyclists and pedestrians. The city is vibrant all year round, with events and festivals. Especially in summer, cafe terraces add up to the picturesque atmosphere.

Lake Bled: A simple internet search about ‘things to do in Slovenia’ will direct you to majestic Lake Bled, the homonymous island, and the castle that offers the most spectacular views. It’s impossible to overlook this landmark that welcomes every year millions of visitors. Ljubljana to Lake Bled is just a forty-minute drive. During summer, you can swim in the azure but chilly waters. Pletnas, the traditional wooden boats, will take you to Bled island. Don’t let the 99 steps discourage you from climbing to the top of the Assumption of Mary Church.

Take a Tour of Lake Bled

Piran: In Slovenian Istria, the coastal town of Piran will steal your heart with its narrow cobbled streets and Venice-like architecture. The town has a 700-year history of salt panning, which makes this local product the secret ingredient of the exceptional local cuisine. Visit Tartini Square in the old town, stroll around the harbor, and before leaving, stop by the Walls of Piran to admire sunset views.

Maribor: Built on the banks of River Drava, Maribor is the second-largest city in the country. It is surrounded by the Alpine slopes, so you will stop here on your way to the ski resorts. The city is known for being home to the oldest grapevine in the world. You can get a guided tour there and to the Vinag Wine Cellar. Must do's include the historic city centre, Castle Square, Main Square, and Slomškov Square.

Soča Valley: Hikers from all over the world, make it to Soča Valley for the sake of its breathtaking mountain trails. Nature in the Julian Alps wears its best colours to welcome adventurous visitors. Here you can go canyoning, kayaking, and rafting to explore Virje Waterfall, Tolmin Gorges, the Great Soča Gorge, and Soča River.

Visit Piran on the Gorgeous Adriatic Coast

Tips for your trip to Slovenia

Getting There

Flights to Slovenia can start from 44€ (40£) and remain in reasonable standards all-year long. Many UK airports operate either direct or indirect flights to Ljubljana. You can depart from all London airports, as well as from Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, and more. The flight takes almost two hours, so before you know it, you will touch down in Slovenia. You will also find great connections from most major airports across Europe.

When to visit

Summer is the busiest time of the year and usually the most expensive. However, every season is beautiful in Slovenia. Winter is for winter-sports fans. Early-autumn and spring are ideal for hikers and outdoor activities. Summer is great for enjoying the sea and strolling at night in the picturesque streets of Ljubljana. In general, Slovenia is wallet-friendly for the average European and much cheaper than the neighboring countries (Austria, Italy, Croatia).

Rent a car

The best way to get around this small country is by car. Apart from giving you the freedom to go wherever you want and spend as much time as you like in a place, a car is the best transport to explore almost every corner of tiny unmissable Slovenia.

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