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10 Best Shopping Places to Visit in Manchester for Tourists

A guest post by Ali Raza

The Greater Manchester area has always been on the lists of tourists that fly towards the United Kingdom because of its numerous shopping destinations. The shopping malls and markets have made it the super-hot tourist destination where you can perform shopping at your heart’s content. It has become the premium shopping destination in the UK because of boutique stores, high-end shopping malls, brand outlets and much fun besides shopping. To approach these locations is easy by Manchester taxi. 


Trafford Center

In our list, the Trafford Center is at the top because it is not only located near by the city center but also it has the biggest food courts in over the Europe. Here you can taste quality food from more than 30 different gigantic food courts. The Victorian style architecture along with mosaic marbles and adorable piece of art such as sculptures adds beauty to the ambiance of this great malls.

The expensive and popular brands call it a home. There are more than 200 shops in the mall which have housed brands like John Lewis, Selfridges, Marks and Spencer and brands from other different niches. All these factors have made it the best place to visit for shopping.


Manchester Arndale

Manchester Arndale is the biggest indoor shopping mall in the Manchester and has housed around 240 shops comprised of all the different brands. It has seen an extensive development right after its first opening in 1975 and receive millions of visitors each year. The mall has covered a large area and this has made brands like Apple, Marks and Spencer to open their outlets. The visitors can buy anything from expensive products to homogenous products as well. A great place to spend an evening for shopping and enjoying food at extensive food courts and even street food style food.


The Exchange Square

The Square has seen a redevelopment after the IRA attacks in 1996 and this has changed the square as a whole. Since its upgradation and makeover has completed, it has emerged as the shopping spot for high-end fashion lovers. Big brand names have their outlets located here. These brands usually celebrate special events like Spooky Halloween and also many DJ events are also staged by them. The location of the area has also given it extra marks as it is located to city Cathedral and Football Stadium is also located in the nearby area. 


The Northern Quarter

On your memorable Manchester Travel never miss to visit Northern Quarter for the sake of shopping and street walk touch. It has many charming boutiques and independent stores which makes it a trendy neighborhood with some of the most artistic and adorable shops. The high-end fashion outlets and fashion outlets have made it the fashion hub of the city. It is a perfect place to walk, talk and shop because of its artistic streets. It is also becoming a home of artists and designers thus it is worth to visit the Quarters at any time of the day.


The Market Street

The Market Street is the High Street of Manchester. The street is a vibrant area as you can see many artists have spotted in the street. The area is another high-end fashion hub of the city along with many groceries and accessory stores. Many smartphone stores and other tech stores are also located which adds to its vibrancy. 


The Barton Arcade 

Located at Barton Square the Barton Arcade has seen the history of Manchester. It is also a historic monument as it was opened in 1870. The building has been renovated and has housed 15 different stores for Men and Women and sell products like garments, jewelry, and footwear and much more, the visitors can buy unique outfits to something special to their personality. It is an admirable Victorian building with lots of shops in high-end jewelry shopping and other luxury item.


The Triangle Shopping Center

The Triangle Shopping Center is housed in a historical building with multiple floors and a number of brands and independent shops which sell products like footwear, clothing, jewelry, health and fitness and much more. The location of the center makes it most visited shopping mall because it is located in the city center close to Millennium Gardens.


The Cathedral Street 

The Cathedral Street runs off through Exchange Square and shares the status of high-end shopping, as it has many top-tier fashion stores. Departmental stores like Marks and Spencer can be found here. Altogether traditional high-end shopping can be experienced. Hugo Boss Stores, Burberry and many other independent stores and small homogenous brands have outlets here in the area. It is premier fashion spot in the Manchester. It is great to be here even for a full day as here shopping is always on and it makes the day. It is located opposite to Manchester Arndale on New Cathedral Street. The location is accessible every nook of the city.


Quayside Media City 

Quayside Media City UK is the outlet stores shopping center located in the Manchester. The area has store outlets from all the major brands and almost 70+ outlets are actively functioning here. The huge discounts on products makes it a favorite place for all shopping lovers. The other attractions are huge a cinema and an extensive fitness center as well as food courts and several cafes and restaurants.  


Affleck Palace

The Palace is located at a famous street, the Church Street. It is a heaven for all the street fashion lovers because many fashion outlets, fashion shops sell vintage clothing and monster style T-shirts. The each floor has shops mostly run by young entrepreneurs and one can get a huge discounts on the products they purchase. This a place for all the street fashion enthusiasts who are in the search of value to money option. The Palace is located on the 52 Church Street in the Manchester. Overall the experience of shopping has been great for all.

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