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Resort Guide: Cervinia 

Are you looking for a winter ski destination? If you want to see the Alps up close and enjoy a unique experience in the snow, the ski resort in Cervinia, Italy is a great choice. Cervinia Ski Resort, at the foot of the Italian Alps, offers over 300 km of slopes and easy connection to the picturesque Swiss village of Zermatt.

We created this guide that contains the best tips and everything you need to know before travelling to Cervinia, Italy.


About Cervinia

Cervinia is located in northwestern Italy next to the beautiful Aosta valley between the alpine summits. The picturesque village is at an altitude of 2000 meters, at the foothills of the Matterhorn, also known as Cervino. Matterhorn, on the border of Italy and Switzerland, is a reference point not only for ski lovers but also for climbers.

Cervinia is one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe. Snowfall is guaranteed from the end of November until the middle of May, while the large slopes will satisfy every skier and snowboarder. The slopes in Cervinia do not have trees to impede you, while on the Swiss side of the mountains you get a bit more variety and can ski between trees and rivers.

If you're still wondering why you should choose Cervinia, read our four top reasons:

  • It is one of the largest ski resorts in Europe with 300km slopes

  • Wide slopes with the majority being of moderate difficulty

  • You can go from Italy to Switzerland on your skis! 

  • Magnificent views from the highest access point, Matterhorn glacier paradise, reaching 3880 meters


Resort Breuil-Cervinia- Valtournenche

The resort is also called Cervinia Valtournenche. Together with the Swiss slopes, the complex is called Zermatt / Breuil-Cervinia / Valtournenche - Matterhorn.

The ski resort in Cervinia has 3 main areas:

  • Plan Maison: large slopes with an altitude of about 2550m

  • Laghi Cime Bianche: longer slopes with an altitude of 2816m. It is connected with the areas above the village of Valtournenche.

  • Zermatt: this is the Swiss part where there are more trees

At peak times, it is best to rent your equipment online to ensure availability. In the low tourist season, the cost of renting ski equipment for 4 days (sandals, boots, ski poles) ranges between € 70 - 80.


Pistes and Routes

The slopes in Cervinia have a length of 120 km. Along with the region of Switzerland (Zermatt), the total slope length reaches 320 km: 220 km of moderate difficulty, 75 km for beginners, 27 km for experienced.

Of particular interest is the 30 km route No. 7 that starts from Plateau Rosa at 3480 meters and ends in Cervinia having an altitude difference of 1000 meters. On the way back to Italy, a stop at Zermatt and another at Gornergrat (3089 meters) are worth your time and effort.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced or if this is the first time your children give ski or snowboard a try, it is best to go to a ski & snowboard school. Ride-em school in Cervinia has a great reputation in the area, specializing in ski, snowboarding, children's skiing and Freeride - Freestyle - Telemark - Explore Zermatt (Full day with Ski Instructor). You can book private or group lessons for a few hours or a whole day to master your technique and all bookings can easily be made online! 

Whichever you choose, the expert instructors of Ride-em will show you the magic of the mountain from a different point of view.


Cervinia Ski Pass

The ski pass for the ski resort of Cervinia is divided into 3 main categories:

  • International - Zermatt / Cervinia / Valtournenche: Τravel along the entire length of the ski resort and visit the Swiss slopes. For the daily ticket, the cost ranges from €63 to €67.

  • Local - Cervinia / Valtournenche: Access only to the Italian side. It is an ideal choice in case the connection with Switzerland is closed due to weather conditions. The daily ticket costs €45. 

  • Local - Valtournenche: It is the cheapest option with limited options in terms of tracks. The daily ticket costs €33.

It is generally safer to buy a day pass, especially during periods with extreme weather conditions.


Accommodation and Entertainment

Renting a private home is an option you should consider. Cooking in an apartment will reduce the food costs as restaurants are relatively expensive. The price per person at a restaurant starts from 25 euros and goes up depending on the occasion.

For a more budget-friendly stay, choose areas around Cervinia and the Italian part of the Aosta valley. Valle d'Aosta is located between the mountains in the French, Swiss and Italian mountain complex. Another good option for reducing accommodation costs is to look for hotels in the quiet village of Valtournenche, located ten minutes from Cervinia.

In the resort of Cervinia, you will find several options for food, but prices are high, and quality is mediocre. Other places where you can taste quality dishes are:

  • hotel restaurants

  • traditional trattorias that serve delicious local food

  • chalets, where you have many Italian cuisine options

  • restaurants in the village of Valtournenche


Your options for nightlife in the village of Cervinia are limited. There are, however, some bars and restaurants that get crowded at night. If you want to have fun, prefer the chalets located on the slopes and the ski resort. The view is magnificent from there!


A Few More Travel Tips for Cervinia

We have four more practical tips that will complete your trip to Cervinia and make it an unforgettable experience.

  • If you travel by road from Milan to Cervinia, it is worth making a stop in the picturesque Como.

  • After skiing and getting some rest, you can visit the city of Aosta for a beautiful evening walk and dinner.

  • In case you move to the Swiss part of the ski resort, do not forget to activate a travel pass (about 7 euros per day) from your mobile phone provider. Switzerland is not a part of the European Union and free-roaming is not available there.

  • No additional travel documents are required to travel to Switzerland.

The view over the icy slopes opposite the famous Matterhorn peak will leave you speechless. Under the bright sun, the ravine leading to the Swiss Chermat resembles icing on a Christmas cake. The ski descent from here to the cosmopolitan village crossing the Italian-Swiss border will be unforgettable. 

A photo in front of the Swiss flag against the background of the white mountains will become the best souvenir from your winter excursion in the Italian mountains.


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