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10 Tips for Motorhome Travel in the UK

By Maciej Grzymkowski


Travelling in a motorhome is a completely different kind of a trip than the conventional train ride or flight to your destination, with a nice, comfy bed and a resort full of amenities awaiting your arrival. Hitting the road in a recreational vehicle demands much more preparation and effort to make it work. That is not to say that travelling in a motorhome is an inferior option to staying at hotels and AirBnBs. Quite the contrary -- if you're willing to go the extra mile, you can make your campervan holiday the best vacation of your lifetime! They're great for family getaways or boozy excursions with your buddies from uni, as well as lone wolf journeys across the countryside.

If you're considering going on your first motorhome trip, but don't quite know much about these vehicles and which one would be the best fit for you and your family, you can find out more here regarding the best RV manufacturers and what they have to offer.

You’ll need to take a lot of things into consideration before embarking on your first trip. Take a look at these ten basic motorhome tips to make sure that your first time vacationing on the road doesn't turn out to be your last one!


Be Aware of the Parameters of Your Motorhome

There is nothing quite as infuriating as getting stuck at an entrance to a tunnel or scratching up the sides of your brand new vehicle just because you haven't taken the time to check up on your motorhome's height, width, length, and other parameters that might play a factor when driving a large machine like that. It’s annoying and can significantly extend your driving time, by far longer than what it would take to check up on the RV's parameters at home.


Know Your Rights and Limitations

Driving a motorhome isn't quite like driving a regular car. There are different rules and regulations that apply to these types of vehicles and it would be best if you got familiar with them before hitting the road. Make sure that you have the right driving license for the tonnage and size of your campervan.


Watch Out for Thievery

The countryside in the UK isn't particularly known for being crime-ridden and dangerous. However, camping sites all over the country are ripe hunting grounds for thieves, and families on their first motorhome holiday are the perfect prey for them. Get a couple of solid locks before you leave, as well as consider bringing a portable alarm system with you.


Be Careful When Picking Campsites

This is crucial not only because of the tip above, but also because of what you're going to need for the duration of your stay at any particular campsite. Check if the site you had in mind has access to running water, electricity, and other basic amenities. You don't want to arrive at the camping ground with your water tank almost empty and a dead battery, only to find out that there is nowhere to fill them up!


Don't Rush It!

Being behind the wheel of an RV is very similar to driving a truck, except that you're lacking the skill and years of expertise that truckers usually have. That's why you should be extra-careful when embarking on your trip. Just because your car is big, it doesn't mean you can boss other drivers around on the road. Don't speed or get too cocky, if you want to safely arrive at your destination.


Keep All Amenities in Check

People travelling in a motorhome for the first time often don't realise what it takes to live in a campervan. Remember, everything is limited, from the gas used to heat up your food all the way to the water tank for showering. Plan accordingly, and don't treat amenities like you do at home, where overusing just means a higher bill.


Pack Light!

Take only what's necessary. This is one of the key tips, as too much clutter can not only worsen your holiday experience, but it could also be a real threat on the road. Don't take your whole wardrobe with you, and don't get too many souvenirs for the way back.


Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Keep a tight check on traffic and weather changes. Don't always go for the shortest route, but rather the safest one. Plan your drive so that you're never too far away from a camping site or gas station, just in case something unexpected happens.


Train Your Kids for the Motorhome Lifestyle

Motorhome travel with children can be a real pain, which is why most families have second thoughts regarding taking their little ones on these trips. But they don't deserve to miss out on such an awesome adventure, which is why you should thoroughly educate them on how to behave and use the limited amenities in a responsible manner.


Have Fun!

After going through this long list of motorhome tips and thinking about all the potential ways in which everything could go wrong, it’s important to remember that you are, in fact, planning a holiday, not going into exile. Keep that in mind when making your preparations, and most importantly, remember about it after you take off. Don't get too stressed out when something doesn't go your way. You're travelling to get away from all the stress and anxiety -- don't let your trip become an additional source of those negative emotions.



About the Author

Maciej Grzymkowski - an avid traveler with a particular affinity for Southeast Asia. My love for traveling is only matched by my love for food - I'm a lifelong student of Chinese cuisine and language.

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