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Top Tips for Travelling to Malta

Last updated: August 2020

If you are looking for a Mediterranean holiday with a difference, head to the gorgeous islands of Malta with their rich history, stunning beaches and friendly, welcoming local people. Located 50 miles from Sicily and surrounded by the warm, blue waters of the Med, Malta makes the perfect alternative to the often more crowded and well-known Mediterranean destinations. Thanks to its British heritage, most people on the island speak English, you will find plenty of budget flight options and the holiday season on the island is not just limited to the summer months with its warm climate and fantastic nature ensuring tourists visit all year round.

Explore the Sights of Malta

Top 5 Things to in Malta

Visit Valletta

The 16th century capital of Malta was built by the Knights of St. John who controlled the islands until Napoleon’s invasion in 1798. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is brimming with handsome 16th century and Baroque architecture from striking churches to impressive mansions. It may be small but there is so much to see! Some of the main sights are St. John’s Cathedral, the Grand Master’s Palace and the National Museum of Archaeology.

One of the best ways to make the most of the city us join one of the Colour My Travel walking tours. There are a range of options available including the complete 3-hour tour, a free hour and a half tour, a ghost tour, a special tour for kids and a food tour. Colour My Travel has won Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence awards year on year and it is little wonder with such passionate guides! With your local guide you will discover the history and stories of this atmospheric city and find out about the best places to visit, stay and eat.

Explore Hnadsome Valletta in Maltaa

Swim in the Blue Lagoon

One of Malta’s main draws in this small strikingly beautiful lagoon between the coast of coast of Comino an the small island of Cominotto. Its stunning azure blue waters would not look out of place in the Caribbean and are a great place to swim and catch some rays. Be aware that during the summer months, the lagoon gets very busy, especially between 10am and 4pm. Arrive early or late and enjoy the waters without the crowds!

Swim in the Blue Lagoon on Malta

Live your Popeye Fantasies

In 1980 gorgeous Anchor Bay was transformed into the fishing village of Sweethaven for the Hollywood film Popeye. The film set was never taken down and has become a popular family theme park with kid’s pools, a boat ride and animation shows. It is a fun family day out with lots of different places to explore with themed stores, a museum and plenty of refreshment options.

Disocver Popeye's Sweethaven in Malta

Explore Gozo

Malta’s second island is the place to head for a peaceful rural break away from the crowds of the main island. It is a wonderful place to explore some of the islands’ history and legends, such as Calypso’s Cave, said to be the cave included in Homer’s Odyssey, and the ancient temples of Ggantija. There are also some pretty beaches at Ramala l-Hamla and Dahlet where you can relax and take a swim surrounded by some unforgettable scenery.

Relax on Gozo ,Malta's Second Island

Discover Malta’s Ancient Past

Malta has been inhabited for millennia by many different civilisations and they have all left their marks on the island. Some of the most impressive are the monuments erected in the Megalithic period, with freestanding temples that are some of the oldest in the world. Examples not to miss are the temples of Ggantija on Gozo and the Hagar Qin, Mnajdra and Tarxien temples on the main island. These structures were built between the 4th and 3rd millennium BC and are fascinating sights to explore.

Visit Tarxien Malta's Ancient Temples

When to visit

The busiest period in Malta is between June and August when temperatures can reach up to 35°C and hotels and beaches are packed. If you can, visit during the quitter and more pleasant shoulder and low seasons. Between September and October, you will still find lovely warm weather and the Mediterranean is just the right temperature for a dip! January and February are the coldest periods when you will find many of the main attractions close and there is a bitter north-easterly wind.

When to Visit Malta

How to there

The easiest way to get to Malta is to fly to Malta International Airport which is served by a wide range of airlines with something for every budget. It is easy to get from the airport to your destination with regular bus services and taxis for reasonable prices.

Alternatively, you can also take a ferry to Malta from Catania, Salerno and Pozzallo in Italy for a combined trip.

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