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Greece is one of the most beautiful and most visited countries in the whole Mediterranean. The landscape is characterized by white houses, brilliant blue roofs, and stunning beaches. The Mediterranean climate makes Greece the perfect holiday destination at almost any time of the year. On your visit, you will enjoy the rich history, cultural traditions, and exquisite cuisine of Greece.

While Greece is highly acclaimed for its dazzling coastline, it may surprise you to know that two-thirds of Greece is covered in mountains. Depending on the areas of Greece you choose to visit, a different holiday will be waiting for you. Visit cultural hotspots like the Parthenon or the Acropolis of Athens. Climb up the mountain of the gods, Mount Olympus, to be rewarded with beautiful sweeping views over the Greek landscape. Relax on the famous white sandy beaches on a gorgeous Mediterranean island. Whatever you choose, you will certainly not be disappointed when you visit Greece.

Greece has always been considered the birthplace of Western civilization. Ancient Greece established the structure of democracy and politics as we know it today, not to mention the Greek theater and philosophers born in this enchanting country. Greece is also the country that gave birth to the Olympics. These iconic games were considered by the ancients as evidence of strength for the bravest warriors. The team here at The Traveling Souk is happy to help you discover the hidden gems of this incredible country. Therefore, we want to share with you all the beauty that this nation has to offer and give you some valuable advice for your next trip to Greece.


Zante Grecia 

What to see in Greece

Greece has a fascinating cultural and naturalistic heritage. There are many archaeological sites to visit, full of myths and legends. You can choose to visit one of the historic cities in Greece or you can visit the impressive archipelagos of Greece.

The best cities to visit in Greece:

Athens is the capital of Greece, where you can visit the ancient Acropolis that watches over the city from above. Thessaloniki is an ancient city located on the coast with medieval walls. Corinth is home to one of the most majestic works of ancient engineering, ll Corinth canal. Patras is one of the most important cities in Greece with one of the most influential ports in the Mediterranean. Kalamata is the typical holiday town with its endless long sea and nightlife.

The best islands to visit in Greece

The Cyclades Islands is an archipelago made up of Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, and Naxos. Mykonos is one of the best-known islands for its reputation as a party island, but also full of beautiful beaches. Santorini is one of the most unique islands of the whole archipelago, with its town built on the mouth of the now extinct volcano and its white houses. Paros is a perfect island for those looking for fun and relaxation, with its lovely beaches and very elegant nightlife. Naxos is the most pristine of the whole archipelago and is perfect for those who love nature.

The Ionian Islands are home to Corfu, Kefalonia, Ithaca, and Zante. Corfu is one of the archipelago's cheapest islands, very easy to reach from Italy with direct ferries. Kefalonia is perfect for families who want to enjoy the beauty of the beaches and relaxation. Ithaca is famous in history thanks to Homer and it is also one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago, with its white beaches and fine sand. Zante is most appreciated by young people for its typically wild nightlife.

Atene Partenone Santorini Grecia Mykonos Grecia


When to Go to Greece

As Greece is in the southern part of Europe, it enjoys a decidedly warm-mild climate. The best time to enjoy its beautiful coasts goes from spring to early autumn. If, on the other hand, you want to take a cultural holiday, every moment of the year is the right one.


How to Get to Greece

Reaching Greece very simple and for the most part, it is also economic. If you want to reach the capital Athena the fastest method is using the plane, Athens has a very large international airport and it is near the city center. If you want to reach the Greek islands from Italy, you can do it using the ferries that leave from Puglia or even from Ancona to the Ionian islands. If you want to reach the Cycladic islands, it is advisable to use the plane because it is much faster than the alternatives.


Tips for Organizing a Trip to Greece

Now that you know more about Greece, it's time to start planning your trip!

The high season to visit Greece is the whole summer period, so if you are thinking of visiting the country in this period it is advisable to book months in advance in order to have reasonable prices and more choices. If you want to visit outside of the summer season, then prices are definitely more reasonable and there is almost always availability.

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