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Croatia Vacation Tips

Last updated: June 2020

Are you dreaming of a Croatia vacation? Check out our comprehensive guide to planning your vacation in Croatia. We have listed the best time to visit, things to do, where to go, and plenty of other helpful facts so you can get started planning the trip of a lifetime.


Beach in Croatia

Visiting Croatia

Croatia has gained immense popularity over the last decade for many compelling reasons. Croatia is a geographically diverse country, discerned into three regions: Croatia-Slavonia (northern part), Istria (the largest Peninsula on the Adriatic sea), and Dalmatia (the southern coastal tip of the country). The Dalmatia region is the most visited among the three, as it is a famous summer holiday destination, thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate. Istria, blessed with the Mediterranean weather conditions as well, is a food destination and, thus, offers a unique chance to taste the traditional Croatian cuisine. These areas are full of tourists coming all around the world, especially, in July and August, which are the hottest and driest months (from 20°C/ 77-86°F to 30°C/80-90°F). According to many visitors, this is the best time to visit Croatia. 

Contrarily to the other Balkan countries, where the Ottoman Empire's influence is still apparent today, in terms of culture and architecture, Croatia remained closer to the Roman element and the Western-European aspect. Quite interestingly, the number of Croats residing outside the country is almost equal to the ones actually living in Croatia. 


Turquoise sea with a boat in the water

Best things to do in Croatia

In Croatia, you can enjoy various activities, in particular, outdoor adventures and sightseeing. These top-three best things to do in Croatia will ensure that you get at least an adequate image of the country's cultural and natural diversity: 

  • If you're up for some Medieval revival, add to your Croatia vacation itinerary, the Varaždin and TrakošÄ‡an castle. The UNESCO World Heritage monument, located 70km/43miles northern to Zagreb,  has preserved its historical attributes. The best way to discover the castle is by guided tours.
  • Moving a little southern from Zagreb, you can't just miss the renowned Plitvice Lakes National Park. This is the first national park of Croatia, which also made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Characteristically known for its tufa-formated waterfalls and lakes, the park is home to more than 260 fauna species and 1400 flora species and subspecies. 
  • For a refreshing dive into the Adriatic Sea, make your way southerly to Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol, situated right across Split. Croatia is mostly endowed with a rocky coastline, but the Zlatni Rat Beach is a surprising exception. On this pebbly beach, you can go sailing, water skiing, kayaking, or renting a boat to admire a great Bol view.


Harbor in Croatia

Where to go in Croatia

All tourists heading to the country, especially those who visit it for the first time, wonder what is the most beautiful city in Croatia. Well, there's not an easy or obvious answer. It depends on what type of traveler you are considering yourself to be. We gathered below the most remarkable cities to visit in Croatia, but it's up to you if you tick every box of the list.

  • Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and an important hub, where Western Europe meets the Mediterranean. Stroll in the romantic narrow streets of the Old Town and the open and colorful Dolac market. Zagreb gives you many options for entertainment, particularly in the evenings.
  • Zadar is a historic port on the Dalmatian coast. It's less crowded but equally outstanding. Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most highly regarded film directors of the 20th century, wrote that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world.
  • Split is Croatia's second-largest city and another port city. Split stunningly straddles the verdant mountains and the sparkingly blue sea. The Diocletian's Palace is definitely worth a visit as it will travel you back in the Roman Empire time. Check out this guide for the 25 best things to do in Split.
  • Dubrovnik gained an enormous reputation when the Game of Thrones series used the location as the King Landing's Kingdom. Since then, Dubrovnik, the Medieval fortress town, sees every year more than 1 million tourists. Check out our favorite 22 things to do in Dubrovnik.

 » For a larger and more detailed list, read our blog post: Where to go in Croatia?


Multiple waterfalls in Croatia

Fun facts about Croatia

Now that you know a little more about planning your trip to Croatia, here are some extra fun facts about Croatia:

  • Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Croatia. The city was still part of the Austrian Empire back in the 1880s. 
  • Croatia's Hum is the smallest town in the world, with 20 permanent residents.
  • Zlatni Rat Beach’s shape constantly changes because of the winds and tides. Sometimes even its tip moves from one side to another.
  • Except for Game of Thrones, more successful Hollywood movies filmed in Croatian locations such as Star Wars The Last Jedi (in Dubrovnik), Mamma Mia (in Vis), Sophie's Choice (Zagreb) and numerous others. 
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