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Renting a boat or a sailboat is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Many families and groups of friends are keen to go on adventures to explore the coastline. If you are tempted by these activities, SamBoat is a website that lists and distributes boat rental offers. The online platform allows you to book motorboats in Positano. The point!

Which Positano yacht to choose for a family holiday?

Family holidays are best when you opt for sailing at sea. For this reason, it is useful to rent a boat in positano to see the wonders of the sea and visit the beautiful beaches. Here is a selection of motorboats for rent at SamBoat.

Fratelli Aprea 36 HT

Built in 2012, the Fratelli Aprea 36 HT is a luxury boat with a mini yacht engine. This vehicle has characteristics typical of boats from the Sorrento Peninsula. Designed in fibreglass with the addition of precious wood, the boat provides 880 hp of engine power. At 12 metres in length, the boat is spacious enough to accommodate 12 people.

This boat has 4 berths for cabin relaxation. It is also equipped with a GPS for navigation and an electric windlass for anchoring. To optimize your comfort, the Fratelli Aprea 36 HT has a shower and toilet. The occupants have hot water at their disposal to wash themselves after a good swim in the sea. 

Tecnonautica Jeranto 9 – 2015

Cruise with a Tecnonautica Jeranto 9 - 2015 to enjoy the wonders of the Marina coastline. This motorboat perfectly combines the traditional features of the Sorrento gozzo with the innovations of modern boats. With its 315 hp on-board engine, it is a special craft offered for rent by SamBoat to sail with your family or friends.

In fact, the Tecnonautica Jeranto 9 - 2015 has a dimension of 9.5 metres and can accommodate 12 people. Inside, you can enjoy 3 berths for sunbathing. Also, the boat's accommodation ensures optimal relaxation for the passengers.

Maresca Sparviero 700 EMERALD

The Maresca Sparviero 700 EMERALD is a high performance boat of medium power. It is equipped with a 220 hp engine that allows it to reach a maximum speed of 28 knots. With an overall length of 7.50 metres, this vehicle can accommodate a maximum of 6 people to navigate the waters of Positano.

In fact, the boat from the manufacturer Cantiere Maresca is equipped with a Cabin Cruiser engine suitable for sailing, fishing... Thus, this SamBoat yacht is dynamic to survey the sea with an onboard GPS. The Maresca Sparviero 700 EMERALD is also equipped with a cabin fitted out for the user's pleasure.

Aprea Mare 30 – 2012

For your family holiday, rent the Aprea Mare 30 - 2012 cruising boat. The boat is 10 m long and is equipped with a 220 hp 4-stroke engine. The 10-metre boat can accommodate a maximum of 12 people to cruise the waters of Positano. Passengers can easily enjoy 4 berths and a cabin for their pleasure.

The Aprea Mare 30 - 2012 boat is equipped with

  • gps ;
  • table ;
  • wakeboarding ;
  • sun awning, etc.

There are also other areas such as the shower and toilet to optimise your comfort. By choosing this boat, it is possible to go on an excursion or a cruise on the sea. The boat is also suitable for water sports.

Cabine Pershing 37

Moored in the port of Positano, the Cabin Pershing 37 is an ideal motorboat for cruising. It has a dynamic 400hp Cabin Cruiser engine for sailing in tidal and deep waters. At 12 metres in length, this boat can accommodate up to 10 passengers for a trip around the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

For your comfort, the Cabin Pershing 37 has a terrace at the front and at the back. It also has a large table in the outside corner of the boat for dining and drinks. Also, enjoy two cabins with bunks and other amenities such as an awning, electric windlass and swim ladder.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Positano?

SamBoat's yacht charter for a holiday is accessible to all pockets. On the company's website there are offers for chartering luxury boats with a captain starting at 300 euros. In general, the average rental price varies between 520 and 750 euros for six hours of sailing.  The rental conditions are flexible to obtain these ranges of motorboats

These rates do not include the cost of fuel, which is charged to the hirer. However, the company provides holidaymakers with:

  • floating tubes ;
  • sun masks ;
  • beach towels;
  • soft drinks, etc.

To optimise your sailing comfort, hire a larger motorboat from 800 euros. The average price of these boats is between 1080 euros and 1440 euros. In general, the company provides this vehicle and a captain from 10 am to 6 pm. You will also have to pay a deposit of between 100 euros and 300 euros.

Some family leisure activities on a boat

By renting a motorboat from SamBoat, the captains will take you to discover the waters of Amalfi, Capri and the Commune of Positano. These excursions allow you to discover the wonderful passages along the coast and the bays of the area.

Also, you will discover the best bathing areas to observe the aquatic fauna and flora.  The skyper of the boats have a good knowledge of the surrounding waters. You can also enjoy a pleasant sunbath on the deck of your boat.

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