What to Do in Puglia

5 Days in Puglia

How to spend 5 days and what to see during a trip in Puglia

In recent years Puglia has become one of the most requested destinations in Italy and its fame has begun to attract visitors from all over the world. Puglia is a region that has so much to offer, that a month would not be enough to visit it thoroughly. Visitors love the enchanting beaches with crystal clear water, cities of art, charming villages, stunning landscapes. But if you can spend only 5 days in Puglia, what are the places you should absolutely see?


Puglia Monopoli


Relax and enjoy your villa

After the trip what you need is to rest and relax in your lovely villa. Puglia has many top-level accommodation facilities: hotels, resorts, masserie (typical farmhouses), b&b as well as luxury villas and Trulli houses (typical dry-stone buildings with a conic roof that are not found anywhere else in the world). It is certainly difficult to resist the temptation to go out and explore the beauty of the region, but it is definitely worth it to take your time and enjoy your vacation home.


Puglia Polignano a Mare


Polignano a Mare and Monopoli

Polignano a Mare and Monopoli are two charming towns that overlook the Adriatic Sea. It is certainly worth visiting them and eventually stopping for a swim in one of the enchanting coves around. We recommend taking a boat tour to visit the beautiful caves dotting the coast. If you want to escape from the crowds of tourists that storm these places during peak months, then you can head to Conversano, a beautiful town outside the tourist circuit. Nearby are also the famous Castellana Caves.


Puglia Lecce Puglia Salento


Lecce and Salento

Lecce is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, so much so that it is nicknamed the Florence of the south. It is a lively town with a beautiful historic center full of palaces and churches in Baroque style. Another advantage of Lecce is that it is located in the heart of Salento, the southernmost part of Puglia, an area that boasts breath-taking beaches, charming villages, and a renowned wine tradition.


Puglia Alberobello Trully Valley


Alberobello and the Trulli Valley

During your stay in Puglia, you cannot miss visiting the village of Alberobello and seeing the iconic Trulli huts. Alberobello is one of the most picturesque and unique villages in the world. It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. Trulli huts are not only in the Alberobello village but also throughout the Trulli Valley (Valle d’Itria). You can visit other charming villages such as Locorotondo, Cisternino, and Martina Franca. They are surrounded by a countryside of rolling hills, dry-stone walls, historic farmhouses where you can delight yourself with local gastronomic products.


Puglia Ostuni


Ostuni and its beaches

Ostuni, the “white city”, stands out on the hill in all its beauty, with the glittering sea in the background. It is another “must” on a trip to Puglia, as are its beaches on the Adriatic coast, many of which are immersed in nature reserves. The sea of Ostuni has received the recognition of the "blue flag" for 25 consecutive seasons. The "blue flag" is a prestigious award given to beaches and marinas that have outstanding levels of cleanliness, sustainability, and water purity.


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Five Days in Puglia Italy


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