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The best surfing spots in Australia

What do you think of when you think of Australia’s beaches? Probably soft white sand, bright blue water, sun kissed skin and surfers riding the waves. Right? That’s because Australia is world famous as a surfer’s paradise. With thousands of beaches along 60,000 km of coastline, there’s a surf spot for everybody, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

With so many surfing places to choose from in Australia, we understand that deciding where to go might be a difficult task. To help you out, we have put together a list of the 3 best destinations.


Surfing in Byron Bay

surfing bondi beach surfing bondi beach

As far as surfing destinations go, it’s hard to beat Byron Bay. Located in the state of New South Wales on the south east coast of Australia, there are several beaches along this coast. The most famous is The Pass. Although it can get packed with visitors, especially in summer, this stunning destination is one not to be missed. It’s a perfect surfing destination all year round. Even in the winter months (around June to September), temperatures can still reach 19 degrees Celsius with plenty of sunshine.

There’s plenty of surf schools on offer in Byron Bay, whatever your ability level or preference. Our favourite is Lets Go Surfing. Let’s Go Surfing opened in 1995 as a project to get more women into the male dominated world of surfing. Their mission is to ‘change lives one wave at a time’. Their friendly, highly qualified team offers a variety of surf sessions for adults, kids, solo surfers, groups and everything in between! They also have classes in Bondi and Maroubra.


Bondi Beach surf spots

bondi beach street art bondi

Located 15 minutes from Sydney city centre, Bondi Beach is Australia’s most famous beach. Its white sand landscape and beautiful weather has shaped its reputation as a truly iconic destination. Bondi Beach is a great beach to choose if you’re new to surfing as the surfing conditions are pretty mellow and reliable all year round. You’ll find plenty of surf schools around to help you with equipment rental and surfing lessons. Lets Go Surfing from Byron Bay also have a surf school here too!

There’s also more to Bondi than just the beach. It is a super cool suburb with a young, relaxed and rather hippie atmosphere. Dry yourself off after your surfing adventure, then spend a couple of hours getting lost amongst the trendy markets, beach vibe bars and restaurants, yoga clubs and art galleries.


Surfing in Sunshine Coast

surfing kings beach surfing dicky beach

The Sunshine Coast is another one of Australia’s surfing highlights. Located in the state of Queensland, its surf spots are by and large less busy than those in New South Wales. With around 100 km of beautiful white sand beaches, there’s a surf spot for every ability on the Sunshine Coast, from beginners to seasoned pros.

Just like in many of the major surf spots in Australia, there are several surf schools available in Sunshine Coast to show you the ropes on the waves. We recommend North Caloundra Surf School, who are based at Kings Beach and Dicky Beach. They offer a whole host of different classes, including classes for young kids and senior citizens. You can choose from a group or private class. Their fantastic ‘Women on the Waves’ programme is also worth getting involved in. It aims at getting women of all ages involved in surfing, and is taught by one of their professional female instructors.


Surfing at Freshwater Beach

freshwater beach australia manly australia

For those looking for a moment of calm on the waves away from the hustle and bustle, be sure to check out Freshwater Beach in New South Wales. It is much quieter than some of Australia’s larger beaches including the neighbouring Manly Beach.

Freshwater Beach is also an important part of the history of Australia’s surf scene, as it is the spot where Hawaiian surfing legend, Duke Kahanamoku, gave a surfing demonstration to an enthralled crowd back in 1915. He is therefore credited with introducing surfing to Australia and the rest, as they say, is history!


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