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New Zealand: Hit the open road...

New Zealand is the most popular destination in the world for Australian tourists, with Aussies making more trips there than to any other country in the world. And it’s easy to see why. As one of Australia’s closest neighbours, it’s the perfect location for a getaway. A vacation in New Zealand can be anything you want it to be. Go on action packed outdoor adventures, explore a vibrant city, immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of the indigenous Māoris, or simply take it easy on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. So, has New Zealand caught your attention? Below we have put together a list of some of New Zealand’s hotspots, from some of its most famous destinations to the more hidden gems.


Need inspiration?

New Zealand is full of surprises, and has something to offer no matter what kind of traveller you are. The country is probably best known for its stunning nature. Compromised of two islands with a largely temperate climate and sunshine all year round, New Zealand is perfect for hitting the great outdoors. You can walk, hike and explore the country's numerous mountain and volcano regions. New Zealand is also a haven for watersports enthusiasts, with it being home to thousands upon thousands of kilometres of exciting coastlines, lakes and rivers. However, let's not forget about New Zealand's amazing cities. Bringing a stark contrast to the peace and beauty of its nature spots, cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are up and coming metropolises. Offering a whole host of exciting things to do such as museums, markets, landmarks, and amazing food scenes, several of them have even been voted the best cities to live in the world!



Where will you go first?

Your New Zealand bucket list is probably getting pretty long by now. With so many beautiful destinations to choose from, where are you supposed to go to first? Well, let us help you out a bit. We've selected some of New Zealand's top destinations, offering a mix of bustling cities, peaceful nature, rich culture, and some of the best food around. You can also read the blog posts at the bottom of this page for more New Zealand travel tips, such as how to travel New Zealand on a budget, and the best ways to experience Maori culture. Enjoy, and safe travels!



Fun facts about New Zealand

 If all of this hasn't convinced you to jet away to New Zealand yet, then maybe some of these fun facts will! First up, did you know that New Zealand is home to the steepest street in the world? Baldwin Street in Dunedin climbs a whopping 47.2 metres. Every year, Dunedin holds a Jaffa Race where hopeful contestants take part in rolling more than 30,000 Jaffa Lollies (orange flavoured sweets with a chocolate centre) down the hill. New Zealand is also a land of 'firsts'. With a time zone a whole 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, it is the first country in the world to enter a new day. New Zealand was also the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. Kate Sheppard led the women's suffrage movement through parliament. Her portrait has been proudly displayed on the $10 bill since 1990.

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