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Fiji Travel Guide: More than just an exotic destination

Last updated: June 2020

Fiji paradise with boat in the water

Although Fiji is mostly known for its exotic green-blue sea waters and its rich underwater ecosystem, Fiji also has a rich cultural heritage and local traditions that date back to 3500 BC. Located in the South Pacific, east of Australia and north of New Zealand, the country consists of around 330 islands, while 110 of them are inhabited with a population of almost 1 million people. Most of the population is settled in the two major islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. 

Admittedly, due to its geographical position and its touristic popularity, you will need to plan your trip as deliberately as possible. We have gathered below all the tips you need to know for a dreamy Fiji vacation. 


Family at the beach in Fiji

General information about Fiji

The weather in Fiji is usually ideal all year long. Temperatures fluctuate from 71°F - 91°F (22°C - 33°C), in the period December to April, and no less than 18 °C for the rest of the year. If you are planning to visit in the slightly cooler period, be prepared for showers and the cyclone season (November to April). Many suggest the best time to travel to Fiji is between October - November when the weather is consistently warm and the prices are lower than usual.

Fiji's multicultural population, Fijians (iTaukei), Indo-Fijians, Chinese, Part-Europeans, Rotumans, and other South Pacific Islanders, is also depicted on its religious mosaic (Christians, Hinduists, and Muslims). The country is also known for its local traditions that survived throughout the centuries. It is recommended to be escorted by a trusted travel guide when visiting the rural villages, as there are some important protocols to follow like the gift-giving ceremony known as sevusevu. If visitors aren't consistent with the village's etiquette, they will probably not be welcomed to the community and their attitude would be perceived disrespectful. 


Taveuni island in Fiji

Best Fiji islands to Visit

Viti Levu

Exploring the coral coast is one of the must-sees - must-do activities. In Viti Levu, you will find the most breath-taking sparkling white sand and crystal-clear sea waters. Here, humans come in close contact with the calmness of nature and its creatures like turtles or iguanas, while adventurous spirits awaken with jet skiing and other water sports such as water snorkeling, diving, and surfing.


Hikers and nature lovers will be awed when looking at the Bouma National Heritage Park situated on Taveuni Island. Enjoy the spectacular view of the waterfalls or join a hiking tour to get yourself acquainted with the wild aspect of the island.


Nadi, where the Nadi International Airport is located and probably is the point of your arrival and departure from Fiji, has many interesting activities to offer. The city is a gate to the world, thanks to its multicultural atmosphere. Here, you can satisfy the consumer in you or buy local products from the food market and souvenirs to remember your trip to Fiji. Don't treat Nadi only as an intermediate stop to the other islands. There is plenty to discover in this cosmopolitan city. 


Underwater coral reef in Fiji

Things to do in Fiji 

How will you spend your time when you are Fiji? What is there to do? There is truly an abundance of things to do in Fiji:

Fiji Honeymoon

Is there perhaps a more romantic place in the world to exchange vows of eternal love with your chosen one? It is not coincidental that couples around the world plan their wedding reception at Fiji. If you are dreaming of a beachside theme wedding and want to combine it with the most idyllic honeymoon, this is the place to say 'I do'.

Family Vacation

Fiji is not only an ideal destination for newlyweds. It is also a family-friendly place with plenty of activities for the little fellows. Many visitors choose all-inclusive resorts to avoid any hidden or unexpected extra fees.  All-inclusive family accommodation with meal deals and fun activities for children will ensure that both parents and kids will make the most out of this vacation. Nature is one huge playground. Explore the reef, hop on a catamaran, and grab a pair of snorkels to dive into the underwater paradise. Kids will love the Kula WILD Adventure Park, where they will interact with animals and even feed the sea turtles.

Fiji Traditional Food

The numerous cultural roots and influences of Fijians bring to the table very unique and different flavors that you wouldn't want to miss trying out before departing from Fiji. The cuisine combines Indian and South Pacific aromas and tastes such as curry, chicken, coconut, fresh fish, and fruit. One of the most popular dishes is Kokoda (raw fish salad), Lovo (mix of meat, vegetables, fish baked in an underground oven), Palusami (rourou or taro leaves filled with corned beef and onion) and for a sweet finish a Coconut bread.  


Curry in Fiji

Facts and Info

Health: It is suggested to avoid tap water and vegetables that are washed with tap water. Vaccination is obligatory if you come from an infected area. Healthcare facilities and pharmacies can be found in Fiji's urban areas. 

Currency and Banking: The local currency is the Fijian dollar (1 FJD = 0.45 USD). There is a 24-hour currency exchange service at the Nadi International Airport and in the urban areas. ATMs can be found in the urban parts of the country, resorts, and hotels.

Duty-Free: Dutiable goods (no more than F $ 1,000.00), alcohol (2.25 - 4.5 liters), and tobacco (up to 200 grams) all aimed for personal use. Shops are closed on Sundays and public holidays. 

Time Zone: UTC +12

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