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5 tips for planning a trip to Australia

Australia is the truly the trip of a lifetime, and many people dream of experiencing it for themselves. With flights and travel becoming more accessible, and the world becoming more connected than ever before, there is no better time to make this dream a reality. Australia has so much to offer, from stunning beaches to exciting wildlife, trendy cities and some of the best food scenes in the world. So, what’s stopping you?

Planning a trip to Australia can feel like a rather mammoth task. As with any trip, there is a lot to consider: flights, visas, expenses, accommodation, packing and finding things to do, to name just a few! But don’t feel overwhelmed. To help you on your way, we have put together a list of our top 5 tips to help you plan the most unforgettable trip to Australia.               


1. Think ahead                                                                      

travel tips travel plans

This one might seem obvious, but it’s always important to plan ahead. Don’t leave things until the last minute, as prices can rise and you might be disappointed when the flights that you hoped to take or the hotel you wanted to stay in is now sold out. This is an especially important tip to bear in mind if you plan to travel during peak seasons like summer and Christmas, where you’ll be competing with a lot of other holidaymakers to bag the best deals.


2. Start thinking about your itinerary…

planning holiday travel itinerary

The first steps to planning a holiday are of course to select your dates, decide how you are going to get there and where you are going to stay. After that, you can start thinking about all the things you would like to see and do during your trip. Even if you are the type of person who likes to take things easy and see where the day takes you rather than coordinate everything to military precision, it is always wise to have at least a general idea of what kind of things you would like to do and explore. There are hundreds of Australia travel guides available to buy online, and you can also browse numerous blogs, tourism websites and TripAdvisor pages to find all of the must-see highlights as well as some of the more hidden gems.


3. … or find a travel provider to do it for you!

 coral bay australiarottnest australia

Does all of this planning and organising just seem like too much? We understand that many people have busy lives, and that you may not have much time to plan the holiday that you deserve. You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of travel providers who can do it all for you! There are lots of travel providers in Australia who can plan almost all the details of your trip to take the weight off your shoulders.

Our personal favourite is Travel Forever, who are based in Perth, Western Australia. Travel Forever are the specialists in everything you need when travelling to Australia. They can arrange everything from car or motorhome travel, boat tours, camping and guided walking tours. They offer several holiday tour packages for lots of exciting destinations throughout Australia, especially the outback states of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.


4. Try something new

surfing in australia koala australia

Travelling to Australia is the perfect opportunity to try something new, as amongst the thousands of things to see and do, there is a unique experience waiting around almost every corner. For example, have you always wanted to learn how to surf, or try your hand at paddle boarding? Then you are in the right place, as Australia has some of the best waves and most beautiful beaches in the world. Or are you a wildlife enthusiast? Here you can marvel at koalas and kangaroos in their native habitats.


5. Record the memories

holiday memories camera scrapbook journal

Your trip to Australia will no doubt be one that you’ll want to remember for years to come. It’s a nice idea to invest in a good quality camera or video recorder to capture the memories. You could also buy a nice photo album or scrapbook to keep all of your photographs in. You can also keep other souvenirs and memories in there, such as postcards or tickets for any attractions or events that you visited.


Hopefully you now have all the tips you need to plan an unforgettable trip to Australia. So, what are you waiting for?


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