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Free Things to do in Singapore

Last updated: June 2020

Traveling to Singapore and looking for fun but budget-friendly ways to experience the place? The good news is that there are many attractions and activities in Singapore which you can enjoy without ever opening or stretching your wallet. So come take a look at the top free things to do in Singapore which promise you utmost amusement, entertainment, and adventure all through your holiday.


Singapore's Garden by the Bay

#1 Check out Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s most iconic attractions. And you’ll be excited to know that it won’t cost you a penny to enter here and access its SuperTree Grove. Come here after the sun sets which allows you to see the resplendently illumed massive trees as part of imposing light and sound show. This show is usually held at 19:45 hrs and 20:45 hrs. But, know that a nominal entry fee is applicable to access its other sections such as conservatories (Cloud Forest and Flower Dome), SkyWalk, and SuperTree Observatory.


#2 Retrace the Past at Historic Landmarks

There are many sights in Singapore which stand as a poignant tribute to the region’s rich and complex past. One of the unmissable among them is Changi Chapel and Museum which journeys you through the ghastly times of the Japanese occupation and the Second World War in Singapore through its many touching images, drawings, letters etc. Bukit Brown Cemetery is another free attraction which you can visit for a generous bout of both history and tranquility. Built in the early 1920s, it’s also the largest Chinese cemetery outside of China.


Marina Bay Sands

#3 Stroll in Singapore's Beautiful Gardens

Hanging out at Singapore’s free but beautifully-maintained green spaces is an indispensable element of any trip to this city-state! Tour the 150-year-old Singapore Botanic Garden that spans for over 80 hectares. You can also plan a picnic at the elegantly manicured lawns of Esplanade Roof Garden, which further treats you with the most stunning and unhindered views over the Singapore River, Marina Bay Sands, and more. Another free natural park to visit in Singapore is Chinese and Japanese Gardens along Jurong Lake.


#4 Browse the Singapore "Really, Really Free Market"

Yes, this temporary market by Post-Museum well lives up to its unique name; you’ll get to rummage through a mishmash of items which are up for grabs here, completely for free! This is absolutely devoid of any monetary exchange and gives you the chance to experience the pleasure of caring and giving. After all, it works on the unique bartering or alternative gifting concept which would inspire the people to have a loving and sharing attitude. Yes, this not only allows you to pick your favorite books or clothes (among many others), but also swap them with your talent or stuffs.


Singapore Chinese Garden

#5 Explore Singapore's Ethnic Quarters on Foot

Singapore is known to many as a destination of stylish sights and luxurious comforts. While it’s true, the city-state is also stunning for its dizzyingly distinct and lively neighborhoods which further represent the region’s rich and harmonious multiethnic heritage. Visit the ever effervescent China Town or head to Little India where the most colorful sights await you. And of course, do not miss the tons of shopping and dining options at the Arab Quarter. The best thing is that all of them lie inside the city center and you can easily discover these enclaves on foot; just make sure that you pack a comfy pair of walking shoes and arm yourself with a comprehensive Singapore city map for easy navigation.


#6 Visit the Revered Shrines

From the region’s oldest Hindu Temple to the age-old catholic churches and mosques to the stunning Taoist Buddhist shrine, Singapore holds some of Southeast Asia’s most historical and alluring spiritual relics, featuring different beliefs and religions. What’s more fascinating is that you can visit most of them for free; this includes:

  • Sri Mariamman Temple
  • Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple
  • Thian Hock Keng Temple
  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
  • Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
  • Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
  • Abdul Gafoor Mosque
  • Sultan Mosque


#7 Know about Chinese Folklore and Mythology at Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a cultural theme park like no other which enlightens you about the captivating Chinese culture, inspiring legends and myths and charming traditions tracing past to several millennia. Earlier called the Tiger Balms Garden, it’s nestled along Pasir Panjang Road. Apart from its hundreds of colorful statues and life-size dioramas that depict the iconic scenes from the Chinese folklore as well as mythological works, it’s especially outstanding for its unique experiences such as the Ten Courts of Hell, which interestingly is a grisly representation of how hell appears like as per the Chinese beliefs.


Merlion Park

#8 Take a Selfie at Merlion Statue

Facing Marina Bay, Merlion Park is one of the most visited as well as the photographed attractions in Singapore. The highlight is the majestic half-lion, half-fish statue of Merlion, with water spurting from its mouth. Fascinatingly, it now stands as a mighty depiction of Singapore’s transformation from a quaint village to a world-class destination, attracting millions of people from all over the world. Apart from the main statue whose height is about 8.6 meters, there is also a smaller version of this statue. It’s known as Merlion cub and measures about two meters tall. You can wander around this park for free and click some stunning pictures against its backdrop too.


#9 Go Museum Hopping

You don’t have to spend a fortune to discover the captivating culture, history, and heritage. Yes, you can visit some of Singapore’s major museums, art galleries and other historical attractions for free, such as:

  • Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum
  • NUS Museum (the region’s oldest university museum)
  • The Gem Museum
  • Parkview Museum
  • Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery
  • Civil Defense Heritage Gallery
  • Singapore City Gallery

Additionally, there are some museums where entry is free for kids of six years and below, mainly National Gallery Singapore, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, Asian Civilisations Museum, Red Dot Design Museum and Fort Siloso.


Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

#10 Add some exciting fun and adventure

Can’t go without some exhilarating experiences, but don’t want to spend a dime on it? From a hike up to the Mount Faber and swimming with dolphins at Sisters Island Marine Park to catching up with the most scenic views the Southern Ridges, there are luckily many exciting things to do for free in Singapore. If these aren’t enough, head out to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve where you’ll not only get to experience the city-state’s highest point but also experience the region’s stunning flora and fauna. This rainforest reserve is just 30 minutes’ drive away from the city center.



Now that you’re aware of all amazing and fun things to do in Singapore for free, the only thing left for you is to plan ahead for your Singapore tour. Along with creating an immaculate travel program, make sure that you get your Singapore visa in advance and also pre-book your accommodation, transfers etc to avoid all hassles as part of your much-awaited Singapore holiday. You can rest assured of a mindblowing Asian getaway worth remembering.


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