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Planning a Wellness Vacation with Ayurveda in Kerala

January 20, 2020 | Guest Post: Nicemon Jose


A fateful day, a man of experience and intelligence said, “when health is lost something is lost”. A healthy man is an army of power. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were not healthy enough to experience it?

Man, since time immemorial, has found his solace in the serenity of nature. The magical spell of the calm and composed nature heals the soul to keep the human body healthy.

Knowledge of your body is the first step to your health. We don’t see the hurry to see a doctor if we are not seriously ill. Is this right? Of course not! Your body demands your attention to the slightest of instincts. Ayurveda hospital in Trivandrum helps you know the small hints your body gives you. To diagnose an ailment before it hampers your health is a step to your wellness. 




Kerala, also known as the spice palate of India, is a state situated in southern India. It has been known in history for its scenic beauty and the bounty of nature. Nature has blessed the God's own country with the abundance of nature.

Kerala is known for its spices, herbs, and coconut all available in abundance. The very essence of the air of Kerala is therapeutic. Man has always found his soul in the embrace of nature. Kerala has all of that to offer along with care for your health. 

The very famous Ayurveda treatment in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala is no secret to the world. Developed from the brilliance of the ancestors of the land, Ayurveda's genesis date way back in time. The brilliance of the healing power of Ayurveda has been an ever-growing and on-going field of research.

The Ayurveda hospital Trivandrum, care and heal like home. The hospitality of the medical assistance they provide makes you feel at home and peace. The first step to any treatment of Ayurveda is to release the stress, if any, of the patient.


Plan your wellness:

  1. Listen to your body- Your body gives you hints at its slightest inconvenience. Do not let these signs pass. Any ailment if detected at an early stage, sets the sufferer free from a lot of future hassle. 
  2. Get yourself checked- The Ayurveda treatment in Trivandrum with the help of its experienced team of doctors helps detect ailments at a very initial stage. Take advantage of a tour to the beautiful state of Kerala and give your body the much-awaited health check-up.
  3. Natural wellness- Man connects the best to nature. Bringing together the forces of your body to your rescue, Ayurveda aims at healing you through nature. With the least fears of any side effects to the treatment of Ayurveda, feel free to try it yourself.
  4. Detox- Your body needs a detox from all the external and internal toxins you have been exposed to. Anxiety and depression cause much of the mental mismanagement leading to health ailments. Be sure to avail of the benefits of the Ayurveda hospital in Trivandrum and detoxify your body.

Your body is much in need of your attention. Ayurveda has long been serving and catering to the best of health benefits.


Why Trivandrum?

With the wellness of nature in its bounty, Kerala is the home to many herbs. These herbs have been discovered and developed to be made into medicines to cure patients with the goodness of nature.

The development of allopathy in the field of medicines comes along with a cost. These medicines administered have been found to give rise to other ailments. To save yourself from the nightmares of side effects, give Ayurveda a try today.

With an entire state booming with the best of what nature has to offer, Kerala has used it to its benefit. The art of Ayurveda in medical science has been put in best use at the Ayurveda hospital in Trivandrum.

To experience the best of Ayurveda, go to the place that gave birth to it. The knowledge of the know-how of Ayurveda with answer all your questions and doubts. Experience the bounty of nature amidst its beauty and grace.


Here is what you need to know:

At the cleanest state of Kerala, you are not only offered the beauty of nature but the benefits of their brilliance. To reach the best of the medical assistance, let our guide of what you need to be yours.

  1. History- If you have a medical history and have been visiting a doctor, make sure you have the documents in place. The experts of Ayurveda hospital in Trivandrum will be sure to investigate your medical history and then give your health advice.
  2. Requirements- You will need a few things for your basic needs, be sure to pack them. Do not be in the confusion of packing, just pack enough.
  3. It is natural- All queries of it being natural will be cured when you know about the Ayurveda treatment in Trivandrum. Using the medicinal benefits of herbs, the science of Ayurveda has been developed. Therefore, you absolutely need not worry about it making any use of chemicals.
  4. Amidst nature- Treating you at the best time of the year, the Ayurveda hospital in Trivandrum has it set. Their experts know the need of each body to heal and respond. They plan the best health regime for you, which is sure to bless you with good health.
  5. Hospitality- Known for the best hospitality your treatment in Kerala is going to be as smooth as silk. When it is about your health, you and everyone around you needs to be cautious. When the people around you are careful, it eases you to heal. This golden rule of medicine is very gravelly implanted in the hospitality of Kerala.

While Ayurveda worries about healing you, you worry about being healthy. When a healthy person gives you advice it is as good as a golden principle in your regime. Make use of that benefit for the same for you. 

The benefits of Ayurveda is no secret to anyone. With mental ailments to chronic diseases, all find their resolve in the science of Ayurveda. Try it for yourself!


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