3-Day Itinerary for a Family Trip to Singapore 

Family Walking in Singapore Ferris Wheel

Singapore is Southeast Asia's richest country and no doubt a very beautiful place. To most visitors from Asia, every part of Singapore is wonderful to see. Be it the bus stations, car lanes, MRT, or the majestic skyscrapers. However, Singapore is not all about its views. With spots like the Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios, and Marina Bay Sands, it's a must-visit place in Southeast Asia for families. Thus, here goes Singapore's 3-day family itinerary.

While you can visit many places in 3 days, it's pretty clear that 3 days isn't enough to visit all of Singapore. Places like Universal Studios, Jurong Bird Park are all one whole day trips. For a 3 day tour, you're bound to miss out on a lot. All you can do is choose what to miss out on.

Traveling from one attraction to another shouldn't cause any delay, whether you're commuting by MRT, bus, or cab. But during peak season, the waiting lines for shows and rides can get really long - sometimes it can even take hours. Plan out your destinations well with this family itinerary for 3 days in Singapore.


Travel Guidelines for Singapore: COVID-19

It's tough to discuss the necessary guidelines when visiting Singapore as they constantly change. But the latest update is that traveling is open now. However, only a selected few countries can visit Singapore. As per the latest regulations, quarantine isn't mandatory now but travelers are required to carry insurance that can cover up to $30,000 SGD.

Regarding the places you'll visit, it's best to avoid traveling in large groups. Some attractions and restaurants are strict about the number of people that can sit together. Universal Studios only allows groups of up to 5 members. 

While most attractions are open, they're public for only specific days of the week with more constrained timings. Make sure to book your visit prior as some don't admit tourists about their capacity limit. 


Singapore 3-Day Itinerary

A teenager or a shopaholic, a nature lover or an adventure enthusiast - literally any person can go crazy with the attractions in Singapore. Although this guide is specifically for families with kids, anyone can follow this three day itinerary when planning a trip to Singapore. Let's start with day one.


Day 1: Singapore Zoo and Gardens by the Bay

These two destinations are the most family friendly tourist destinations in Singapore that any kid will love. So if you want to entertain your kids and show them some amazing flora and fauna, then continue reading for more tips and advice for visiting these locations. 


Singapore Zoo 

Children Looking at Hippo in Aquarium in Singapore

First stop, Singapore Zoo - one of the best zoos in the world! With the zoo at the north end of Singapore away from most other attractions, make sure to visit it first and then cover the rest.

The zoo opens at 8:30 am. It's best to visit early to avoid long waiting queues. However, if you're landing in Singapore the very same morning, I recommend taking some rest first as there'll be a lot of walking to do here.

There is a tram option that takes you on a tour around the zoo within 20 minutes, but it's better to walk around and explore on your own. Unlike most zoos out there, the Singapore zoo is known for its open concept where animals are free to roam in their large landscaped environments. So don't miss out on the rare opportunity to walk around and interact with the animals!

Speaking of interacting, you can even have breakfast with the Orangutans between 9:30 - 10:00 am. While the buffet's expensive, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to feast with orangutans!

Before leaving, there is also a water park that is another cool spot for the kiddies. Jump into the water here in the afternoon to cool off before you head for lunch. The zoo has lots of restaurants for lunch including KFC and the Inuka Cafe. If you're looking to try something local, go for the Chomel Bistro here. If your stomachs aren't up for food yet, then head to your next stop, Gardens by the Bay.


Head to Gardens by the Bay

Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

The Gardens by the Bay, a paradise for nature lovers, is exactly what its name says. It's a collection of large indoor (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest) and outdoor gardens (Supertrees, Floral Fantasy, and Serene Garden) close to the southern shores of Singapore. Since it's open till 2 am, there shouldn't be any time hustle touring the spot. And yes, the place shimmers magically at night!

While it's free to visit the shows and the gardens by the bay, the Flower Dome, Skywalk, and Cloud Forest cost $28 SGD for adults and $15 SGD for children. The skywalk (OCBC Skyway) costs an additional $8 SGD.

While you are here, you can also take a glance at one of Asia's most recognizable structures, the Marina Bay Sands. A structure that makes you say - wow! While it looks majestic in pictures, it is a whole other experience when the 3 buildings loom right before you.

If you have extra time on your hands when visiting Gardens by the bay, some other places to check out with the family are:

  • Merlion

  • Singapore Flyer

  • Esplanade (Durian Building)

  • Clarke Quay


Day 2: Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island View from Above with Palm Trees

The Sentosa Resorts is an island very close to the city. This destination is not just for families, Sentosa is a must-visit for everyone traveling throughout Singapore.

It is difficult to see all the attractions here in one day, so you will need two days - especially when with kids. But if you have to pick, here are some all-time favorite Sentosa attractions:

  1. SEA Aquarium

  2. Skyline Luge

  3. iFly

  4. Adventure Cove Water Park

  5. Wings of Time (The previous show similar to this was Songs of the Sea)

  6. 4D AdventureLand

  7. cable car

  8. Palawan Beach

  9. Siloso Beach



How to Get to Sentosa

Cable Car Heading to Sentosa in Singapore Overhead View

First piece of advice is to get to Sentosa in the morning. Most shows and rides open at 10-11 am, but Sentosa itself is a beautiful place to cycle, skate, or even simply walk. You can have breakfast here as well, as there are tons of places to eat. You can get to Sentosa by the monorail (Sentosa Express), cable car, bus, or you can even walk there via Sentosa Boardwalk.

The monorail is the most convenient way to get there. From the MRT station at HarborFront, get to the 3rd floor of the Vivocity Mall and take the Sentosa to express straight to the island, and get to your desired stop. Pick a map of Sentosa Island so that you don't get lost!


SEA Aquarium 

Sting Ray in SEA Aquarium with People

You can then start with a visit to the SEA Aquarium, where you can wander through the large glass tunnels and view over 1000 species of aquatic creatures swimming around you. This attraction is one in a million, so don't miss it!


Beaches and Wings of Time

palm trees near sea during sunset on sentosa island

After you explore the aquarium, enjoy some rides and explore a bit more of the island, it's time to have lunch and head to the beaches. Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach are the two large well-known beaches facing the tail side of Sentosa. Spend a good few hours here after your tour around the island before heading to the Wings of Time show.

The Wings of Time water show is held twice in the evenings - at 7:40 and 8:40 pm by the shores and as Sentosa says it, it's the perfect way to end your day!


Staying on Sentosa

In order to visit Universal Studio, it's best to stay in or close to Sentosa. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is a part of Sentosa, and you should seriously consider spending a whole day here. In fact, day 3 of the Singapore 3 days itinerary is reserved just for Universal Studios.

Sentosa holds many resorts. Resorts World Sentosa and Shangri La Hotel are some of the most popular ones. However, with tourists flocking in from all over the world, the prices aren't budget-friendly. They can cost anywhere between $600-$900 SGD. For budget travelers, it's better to find a place to stay near the island.

There are many accommodations available in the nearby blocks of HarborFront, Bukit Merah that offer accommodation ranging between $100-$300 SGD.


Day 3: Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore Entrance

The USS is a recent addition compared to the rest of Sentosa, and it's one of the 4 Universal Studios across the world. It's probably the day your kids will look forward to the most. Whether the littlies recognize their favorite characters or not, they'll enjoy it either way!

The theme park is open from 12 pm to 7 pm. With so many rides and shows, it's best to arrive early. The wait line takes hours if you're late! Keep umbrellas handy with you as it can be either sunny or rainy while you wait in the queue. You can read more about a visit to the USS here.

The rides don't take too much time, but the waiting queues for the rides do take up a big chunk of the day. Some eye-turning rides like the Battlestar Galactica even go up 1.5 hours of waiting time.

Also, don't miss out on the countless shows/meet and greets - here are some of the best ones to look out for:

  • Elmo

  • WaterWorld

  • Donkey Live

  • minions

  • Madagascar Boogie

All the meet and greets and shows have specific timings and spots. If your little one's crazy about a character, it's crucial to note down the time for their show!


More Amazing Places to Visit in Singapore

This concludes the Singapore 3 Day itinerary for families. In the end, it's all about having a good time with your loved ones. These amazing places are perfect for most family tourists visiting Singapore for 3 days. However, there's always the option of staying longer in Singapore.

Singapore has plenty of other places to visit. Say your children find science fascinating, then you should visit Science Center Singapore. You can go here half a dozen times and still never get bored. Oh, and what about birds? Did you know the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore is the world's biggest bird park in terms of the number of birds?

Street View of Sultan Mosque Singapore


Here are many more places to visit in Singapore. In case you're really interested in any place, you can modify your itinerary accordingly:

  1. Botanical Garden

  2. Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo

  3. Singapore Flyer

  4. Jurong Bird Park

  5. Science Center Singapore

  6. Trick Eye Museum

  7. Wild Wild Wet

  8. Clarke Quay

  9. China Town (for shopping)

  10. Mustafa Centre, Little India (for shopping)

Changi Airport, being the World's best airport with 4 massive terminals, itself is a beautiful attraction to take a stroll in as well.


Singapore Travel Tips for Families

Below are all the most important things to pack when traveling with your family to Singapore.

  • Bring along a stroller for kids: Be it in Sentosa, Singapore Zoo, or USS - they all have facilities for strollers, but they charge extra. Moreover, with a lot of walking to do and the long waiting queues, it's best to bring a stroller along to avoid spending lots of extra money or waiting in a line to rent a stroller.

  • Portable stools for the elderly: I haven't seen this anywhere else, but people do bring along foldable stools everywhere they go. With the hours of waiting for lines all around, it's a good idea to bring along.

  • Umbrella, warm clothes, and sunscreen: Singapore lies on the equator line and the heat gets unbearable. It can rain at any time unexpectedly as well. But the humidity remains no matter what. So it's fine to only pack warm clothes here, but consider bringing an umbrella - or get one asap!


Travel Resources to Get Around Singapore

Here are some of the best resources for traveling in Singapore:

  • Booking.com - This is one of the most convenient sites to make use of for booking your accommodation with lots of varieties and services available. You can even use their map to choose your stay which pinpoints the accommodation location along with its prices.

  • Klook - Klook is one of the best tour activity planning sites out there with world-class customer service. They operate best in South East Asia. You can use it to either book tickets to individual attractions or for a complete tour package of Singapore.

  • HostelWorld - For budget travelers, this is the best site to check out cheap stays.

  • Grab/GrabFood - the Grab app is the Uber of Southeast Asia. Download it to book your cab rides. Uber is also available, but the prices tend to be more expensive.

  • EZ-link smart card - the last but the most important to those using public transit to get around here, is to get the EZ-link card. Be it the MRT, LRT, SMRT, and SBS buses. It can also be used to pay in cafes, restaurants - even KFC!


As you can see, Singapore is a great destination for anyone and has lots of great options for those traveling with their families. There are so many fun things to do and lots of kid-friendly activities as well. Hopefully you find the time to take a trip to Singapore in the near future and enjoy all that it has to offer!

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