A Travel Guide to Madagascar

Useful tips for a holiday in Madagascar; from sights to travel formalities

If you are a traveler who enjoys both adventure and relaxation, Madagascar is for you! Here you will find different landscapes and animal species, including the Lemur, symbol of Madagascar, but also turtles, sharks, mongooses and much more. 

Located in Africa, the vastness of this country offers a multitude of different landscapes: from rainforests to sandstone canyons, from mountains and fertile hills to long idyllic beaches with turquoise water.

Are you planning a holiday in Madagascar and don't know where to start? In this article we tell you the best times to go and what the places to see in Madagascar are, so you can plan your vacation in Madagascar safely and without surprises.



General Information about Madagascar

Mountains in Madagascar

Madagascar, with its capital Antananarivo, is an island nation that is part of the African continent and is located in the Indian Ocean near countries such as Kenya and Tanzania on the east coast of Africa. 

This beautiful (island) country consists of smaller islands and a large island. The large island is even one of the 4 largest in the world! Only Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo are larger.

  • Form of government : Republic

  • Head of State : President Andry Rajoelina

  • Capital : Antananarivo

  • Number of inhabitants : 26.9 million

  • Total area : 587,041 km²

  • Currency : Ariary

  • Official national languages ​​: French and Merina (Malagasy)

  • Religion : Folk beliefs and Christianity

  • Country code : +261


Madagascar: Best Time to Travel

Baobab trees in Madagascar

Answering this question can be a bit tricky if you go to Madagascar as the climate can vary from region to region. The Madagascar climate is strongly influenced by the topography and altitudes of the country and therefore the best time to travel to Madagascar can vary.

Located in the tropics and the Indian Ocean, this country has a tropical climate with heavy rainfall and strong cyclones during the summer months from November to February. So the  best time to visit Madagascar  is in the months of April to October when the climate becomes more temperate, with warm days and mild nights.


Madagascar: Climate and Seasons