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Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs

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One thing is certain: a trip to Egypt is certainly not monotonous! Here, over 5,000 years of ancient civilization, beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water, vast desert areas and impressive nature along the Nile come together to create an incomparably diverse landscape.

Soak up the sun on the Red Sea, go on a discovery tour in one of the colorful bazaars and let yourself be captivated by the legendary pyramids and temple complexes - every day in Egypt is an adventure!


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A vacation in Egypt is like traveling back in time. You can view some of the most impressive remnants of ancient civilization and get a real insight into human history.

The Pyramids of Giza - the last remaining wonder of the ancient world - are 4,500 years old and a true monument to Egyptian culture. Like the Sphinx, they are located not far from Cairo and can easily be combined with a visit to the port city. The Grand Egyptian Museum - the largest archaeological museum in the world - is also scheduled to open here this year. Here you can get up close and personal with Egypt's treasures uncovered during excavations!

Further south, in the area around Luxor, you will find other impressive highlights such as the world-famous Valley of the Kings with more than 60 tombs of the pharaohs, the Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Hatshepsut and the temple complex of Karnak.

On the shores of Lake Nasser, you can marvel at the temples of Abu Simbel, two rock temples that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like the gigantic statues at the entrance, they were carved directly from the mountain and are a masterpiece of architecture.

Egypt's Bathing Paradise

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Egypt attractions with numerous beautiful beaches along the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula. The seaside resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada are particularly popular and are very busy in high season. Things are a little quieter in the more natural area around Al-Qusair. Here you will find absolutely dream beaches with impressive coral reefs, especially in front of the small towns of Marsa Alam and El Gouna - it is not for nothing that Egypt is one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world!

Added to this is the warm climate all year round, which offers optimal conditions for a perfect beach holiday! Even in the winter months, temperatures reach 24 to 28 degrees, although it can cool down to up to 10 degrees at night. In the summer months, temperatures can rise to up to 50 degrees, which can be unbearable, especially for desert tours and sightseeing. The best time to travel is therefore the months from mid-March to mid-May and from mid-September to mid-November - with ideal temperatures and hardly any precipitation!


Activities in Egypt

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The crystal clear waters and the beautiful coral reefs along the coast make Egypt a paradise for water sports - the diving and snorkeling areas in particular are unforgettable! You should definitely rent equipment from one of the numerous diving schools on site and go exploring! If you want, you can book a boat tour that takes you to the most beautiful offshore islands and bays. Here you can expect colorful schools of fish and huge underwater landscapes that you shouldn't miss!

In addition to a fantastic underwater world, the country also offers numerous other leisure opportunities. For example, you can go on a safari tour, go on a desert tour (on camels or quads, depending on your taste) or take a trip to a Bedouin village.

A Nile Cruise 

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The Nile, which winds through Egypt for a distance of more than 6,800 km, has enormous significance for the country: without it the country would be nothing but a desert! Settlement in the area was only possible thanks to the mud left behind after the annual flood of the Nile - it made the land along the bank fertile and thus secured the agricultural conditions for settlement - until today.

You can explore this historical significance on your Egypt vacation on a Nile cruise. On one of the luxurious ships you can enjoy culture and relaxation in equal measure, while at the same time you get a unique view of the impressive sights along the route. During the shore leave you can get to know the places you visit better and deepen your impressions. Most vacationers then add a few days of beach vacation to their trip after the cruise to make the experience really sink in!

How safe is a holiday in Egypt?

Since the outbreak of the Arab Spring in January 2011, there has unfortunately been repeated unrest in Egypt. Despite the tense situation, most holiday regions are considered safe and can be visited without hesitation. Travel warnings are currently in place for travel to the north of the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian-Israeli border area (with the exception of Taba), and remote areas of the Sahara. Unaccompanied, individual excursions and overland trips in the south of the Sinai Peninsula are explicitly discouraged. The holiday resort of Sharm-el-Sheik is excluded from this warning. Before you start your holiday, be sure to consult the Federal Foreign Office website for all the latest travel and safety advice on Egypt.

Arrival and Visa Requirements

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Egypt has numerous international airports, through which arrival is easy. For traveling to the northern part of the country, Cairo Airport (CAI) is best. For a holiday on the Sinai Peninsula, the airport in Sharm-el-Sheich (SSH), which is the second-largest airport in Egypt after Cairo Airport, is ideal. However, many tourists fly directly to Hurghada Airport (HRG), which is only 5 km away from the popular holiday resort. At all airports, you will find transfer options by taxi or rental car.

As an international visitor or UK citizen, you need a valid passport, which is valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip, as well as a tourist visa. You can either apply for the latter in advance, online on the Visa2Egypt portal, or obtain it at the Egyptian consulate in your city .


What Else Do I Need to Know?

Hospitality is very important in Egypt and tourists receive a very warm and warm welcome. It is customary to appreciate this with a tip and this is particularly expected of service staff such as waiters and taxi drivers.

Due to the poor water quality, you should avoid drinking tap water on site. You should also keep this in mind when brushing your teeth and making ice cubes. Also avoid eating raw, unpeeled fruits and vegetables.

During your vacation, be sure to observe applicable clothing standards to avoid appearing disrespectful - especially when visiting mosques. Women should keep their shoulders and knees covered and choose clothing that is as loose as possible, and male tourists should also avoid shorts outside the beach.




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