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Handmade and hand painted, Roelofs and Rubens offer a charming collection of blue and white tableware, tiles and decorations. Using a wide variety of contemporary patterns and unique designs our range is made entirely in the UK and captures the true essence and elegance of English earthenware. Using handmade/pored English earthenware bisque, derived from Stoke-on-Trent, our products are hand painted in our Hampshire studio, using stamps, stencils, sponges and lots of free hand painting. Once painted they are glazed and fired in the kiln to 1100°C. As our English earthenware is made from semi-verified clay it is strong enough for everyday use and suitable for the dishwasher. All processes involved in making these unique pieces are done by hand so differences in decoration and irregularities in bisque and glaze will occur, but this all adds to the unique charm of our tableware. ‘I believe it’s time for something more contemporary on the old Welsh dresser’ says Piet van den Beuken, Roelofs & Rubens’ founder, owner and designer, ‘and because of the blue and white philosophy – same blue pigments on all wares – our design ranges can be mixed and matched with each other and with the more traditional patterns we all know so well.’ It took a year to develop over thirty designs, to experiment with painting techniques, to produce stencils and stamps and to source a genuine English supplier of truly good quality English earthenware bisque and tiles. The range has grown to include tiles, hanging decorations and other items like ceramic buttons and plant markers. Being Dutch, Ms van den Beuken admits that the much-loved Delft Blue of Holland holds a special place in her heart and has influenced her to work with the distinctive blue and white palette, whilst her original and exciting designs bring a fresh Continental look to this collection of quality English earthenware.  

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