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Lumea Home offers a beautiful, clean real-flame candlelight alternative to solid wax candles in the home. Lumea Home brings a unique and exclusive range of Liquid Wax Candles and Candle Lamps to the Travelling Souk - previously only available to those in the professional hospitality industry. The unique Liquid Wax Candles fit into Lumea Home’s stunning range of lamps and burn up to 18 hours, with no soot and no dripping wax. They are a safe alternative to solid wax candles in the home. With Lumea Home’s Lamps you can change the style in your home to suit your mood or occasion. When your Liquid Wax Candle runs out it’s simple to replace so you can keep on using your lamp. Made from highly refined coconut oil, Lumea Home’s Liquid Wax Candles give you real candlelight which is reliable, versatile and safe; if knocked over the flame goes out immediately.

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